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Why I Chose NOT to Sleep Train my Baby

He’s still waking up every 2 hours at night to feed??? 

Yes, Yes he is. 

I didn’t sleep train my baby. 

If I’m being honest I didn’t have the patience. I know there’s books to read, movies to watch, apps to try, etc etc. But it just wasn’t something I was interested in doing. 

Before having Tate there was one piece of advice my mom gave that stuck out to me. “Don’t let him start sleeping in the bed with you ever”. And I was adamant on that. “Oh he’ll NEVER sleep in the bed with me”. *Let’s take a moment of silent laughter for all the moms who have made rules for their baby before they got here and then reality hit them once baby arrived*

From the time Tate was born he has co-slept with me. Originally it started out with me having difficulty getting down from our high bed after the C-section for his every 2 hours night feedings. First, he slept in his dock-a-tot in between his dad and I. Then went to the Boppy lounger in the middle. And finally straight in my arms or by my side. 

Many of the moms I know have started not only transitioning their babes to sleep on their own but also to sleep through the night. Now the sleep on their own part, I can deff get down with that. But as far as the sleeping through the night my thought process was always, “if it doesn’t bother me, then why should I”?

I always thought waking up was going to be one of the hardest parts of a baby for me. But the night time feedings have become such a part of my routine. If Tate happens to sleep longer than 2 hrs I’m going in to make sure he’s still breathing! 

Since becoming a parent I’ve adopted the “when he’s ready” method. He’ll sleep through the night, when he’s ready. He’ll transition to his forward facing stroller “when he’s ready”. 

If it’s one thing I’ve realized since having Tater Tot is that time is truly precious. I mean I feel like he was just born and he’s already so independent. Rushing his life even faster is just not in my books. So I’ll follow his cues. And just like everything else in his life, I’ll be there to support him through it when he’s ready 

See ya! 
Aysia B.  

p.s. does anyone else use the "shirt" method to get baby used to an item? I'm trying to reacquaint Tate and his dock-a-tot. I only leave my shirt down with him if I'm sitting in the room with him. Did this method work for you? 


BTG Feature Friday: Katie Nigbor

When you meet people at work you usually think of them as just that; “co-workers”.  But when I met this special lady I knew she’d be more of a friend than anything less.  Katie's amazing skill in photography and writing is truly amazing.  Now add a full time student and mother to a 5 year old busy boy named Keegan, and her plate is just down right full.  Check out her story and interview below!


Aysia: Hey lady! Thank you so much for interviewing with me! Mommyhood is such a great group to be apart of.   So when did you become a mom? 

Katie: Thanks for having me! I became a mom at 26 years old. 

Aysia: We were almost the same age! So my favorite part of this whole thing is learning about how different all the labor stories can be.  So what was yours?

Katie: So I 40 weeks and 1 day. I had started to have Braxton hicks contractions the day before.  When I actually went into the hospital later that day they kind of cheated to keep me because they knew I was overdue do they acted as if my blood pressure was high. After being there a little while it was about 1045/11pm and I was just getting antsy. I was like I have to move I have to get up.  So I tried to get up and as soon as she got up my water broke! We tried different things and after about 13 hours they were like nothing is changing its time for a C-section.

Aysia: OMG sounds like mine.  I was so unhappy to have to get the C-section.

Katie: Well they were telling me I was measuring about a month ahead of schedule and may need to get a C-section for a little while. So I was kind of preparing myself for it for a while. 

Aysia: Oh okay, you had some time for prep.  Though you can never actually prepare for that.  Its a completely changing feeling.  Speaking of change how do you feel being a mom has changed you? 

Katie: I think the biggest thing, is my life is not focused on myself anymore.  You have to be strong, independent and capable. No matter what life throws at you, you have to keep going because you now have someone else depending on you.  You also think on your feet quicker haha. 

Aysia: That is true! Because either life or your child throws things at you quick. So what would you say is the best part of being a mom? 

Katie: I’d have to say I love mornings together. We take our times together in the mornings now since I have school. It’s cool because he’s an extension of myself but he’s also my best friend. It’s so much fun to watch him grow up. 

Aysia: I'm definitely learning that now with Tate.  They grow so fast.  Son, your stories a little different in that you’ve been through a lot we talk about that all the time.  So for all the moms out there how do you navigate life after divorce? 

Katie: One a day at a time.  Hahaha I honestly hate to say it such a cliché, but its honest.  Co-parenting is so hard.  It takes all off my patience snd strength sometimes.  But going through all of that makes me appreciate all the time me and Keeg have together. 

Aysia: And dating? Jared’s great but how did you get yourself prepared for that? especially with a chid involved. 

Katie: I got myself right first.  I put myself first and focused on myself when Keeg wasn’t with me so i knew I had enough confidence to get back out there.  I had to have enough respect for myself to know how to be treated while coming out of such a crappy relationship. I also had to be confident enough to find the right person.  I did not let him meet Keeg for awhile until I had confidence in the relationship’s health. 

Aysia: That’s really good advice! So a mother and a blogger.  Lets talk about that first. Because I don’t know if most people know but your the reason I started with the blogging! I used to stay up all nights reading your blog in college hahaha.  How did blogging help you with your emotions and everything during motherhood? 

Katie: It really let me get out the hard stuff. Writing in itself helps me get out what I can’t say.  Writing lets me get it all out, even if its just for myself. Its just raw and helps me show how I actually all felt. 

Aysia: I think a lot of people overlook how therapeutic writing can be. It’s not just a pastime it’s helpful too!  So now to being a student!  You just went back to school.  Where did you find the inspiration and energy (lol) to go back to school with motherhood?  

Katie: Where did I find the energy? Haha I’m not sure if I did. But I felt stalled in my career and knew the options were to find a new job or find a new career.  And being supported by a really great significant other helped greatly.  Above all I wanted to finish my degree for Keegan. 

Aysia: I can definitely understand that.  How has it been now going back after being gone for so long? 

Katie: It’s definitely challenging! I forgot how many papers there was haha. 

Aysia: Yea, I want to go back but I always think of those papers and homework haha.  How do you keep from getting overwhelmed with it all? 

Katie: Honestly I'm very scheduled.  I do have some days off with keeg when he goes with his dad, so that’s good. And Jared helps out a lot on my weekend.  Takes Keegan places if I have homework or anything like that.  You just have to be really well organized to keep track of what you have to do. 

Aysia: Organization is like the key to life.  Still a skill I’m trying to learn fully.  What is one piece of advice you'd give to readers.  Whether thats new mamas, new daters after divorce, individuals going back to school. 

Katie: I’d say to new moms: don’t forget yourself.  It’s super easy to get lost in taking care of your child that you forget the value you have of yourself.  And make sure that you do something for yourself every day and remind yourself that your worth something. 

Aysia: So true! I’m such a huge advocate in for self-care.  Alright I love to end it off light! I know Keeg is pretty comical haha, but what’s the funniest thing he's ever done?  

Katie: Oh my, haha.  I can’t think of anything honestly! He just is so funny.  And every day he does something funnier than the last.  

Aysia: I can’t wait to see Tate in that age and see what he does or what traits he picks up.  I’m assuming he’s going to be funny.  Thank you so so much for joining me again Katie! Your an amazing momma!

Katie: Thank you so much for having me! I had fun. 


Hungry, Hungry... Mom?

I love breast feeding. Honestly it gives me such a feeling of satisfaction to know that if my baby is hungry I have the power to be a source of food for him and provide him with the nutrients to help him grow. Between the health benefits and our special bond it’s amazing! However, there is one thing I don’t like. 


I know they say breast feeding is supposed to help you lose weight and it did at first. All the baby weight was literally just falling off. But now between the constant hunger, constant thirst and constantly fighting my previous pregnancy diet I feel like I have hit a stand still with the weight loss. 

A big thing for me now is finding the right snacks to have accessible during my feeds. Along with having the right tools with me, my snacks play a big role in keeping me comfortable . 

My monthly package from Goodie Box does just that. With multiple different food options to choose from this free box gives me just the right diversity to keep me full and satisfied during a feed. 

Not grabbing unhealthy snacks is probably my hardest challenge. These boxes are filled with healthy snacking options that are not only good for you and tasty, it's free too!

Keeping the weight down is a struggle but between working out and healthy snacking I’m determine to get this weight down. 

Mamas what are your favorite feeding time snacks/ drinks? Help a sista out because ya girl is struggling! 

See ya! 

Aysia B. 


Help! My Baby's Making me Lose my Mind

When you get pregnant you face many different changes to your body. Mentally, physically and emotionally; your body goes through a world wind of changes. Some you are ready for and some your not.

Pregnancy brain is one of the mental changes everyone talks about. Leaving things all over the house, forgetting to turn the car off, putting your milk in the cupboard, etc. For me, pregnancy brain was a piece of cake. But this mommy brain? Oh yea it’s giving me a run for my money. 

All those examples I listed above? That’s me within the last few months or so. I have gone to get my hair done and left the car running the entire time. I constantly lose things all over the house. And the milk? Thankfully I wanted another bowl of cereal right away or things would have gotten real smelly real fast. 

To be fair, to a lesser extent I was kind of all over the place before Tate got here.  I was always rushing (yupp I’m the person who’s going to be late to her own funeral), constantly forgetting things and if I wanted to remember to call someone the next day I had to use my calendar and schedule a reminder. But these things above are completely minor to the brain I have now. 

Since having Tate I swear there’s like a little switch in my brain that’s been shut off. My memory is ten times worse. I’m late due to my memory being ten times worse. When it’s time to get ready I feel like a chicken with my head cut off. And don’t ask me to call or email anyone tomorrow. I’m lucky if I remember to feed myself. 

The mommy brain is hitting me HARD and if I’m being completely honest I hate it. There is this constant feeling of rush, disorganization and being unprepared.  But if you know me, challenge is not something I back down from. 

So here’s my top 5 things I will be implementing in the next week to combat this mommy brain:

  1. Slow down. It was the tortoise who won the race; speed is not always the answer. Before I leave for my plans I want to take a second and live in the moment. My hopes is this slow moment will allow me to regain control before I leave and get rid of the feeling of anxiousness I have when heading to an event. 
  2. Early rising. In order to be able to get my extra second and slow down, I’m going to need more time. Okay yes, I know those of you who know me are laughing because the facts are: I’m not an early riser. Never have been, and thankfully Tate for the most part hasn’t wanted to start his days before 10 am either. But waking up early will allow me to feel more refreshed and prepared before having to leave the house. 
  3. Go to bed earlier. This ties into the bullet above. If I go to bed earlier I will wake up earlier. Sounds simple right? Wrong! When Tate sleeps at night is honestly the only scheduled time I have to do what I really want to do. Play sims and blog. I’m easily up another 3-4 hours after him on any given night. By cutting this back to maybe 1-2 hours I am hoping to be able to knock number 2 out of the park. 
  4. Planning. You guys already know how this whole planning thing works. But I don’t necessarily want to plan for things I cannot control. This time I’m keeping it simple. Plan my outfit, plan Tate’s outfit, plan my route to leave and possibly even plan breakfast. This extra step allows me to have a schedule and stick to it. As well as commit to things that usually take up the most time for me- outfits. 
  5. Leave it. This is honestly my biggest problem with being on time. I don’t know how to just leave stuff. I constantly over estimate how much time I have and how much time I will need to do things. Oh I have to leave in an hr? That’s a perfect time to clean all levels of my house and possibly throw in a load of laundry. *insert cutting eyes emojii here*. Honestly it’s annoying to myself as well. So if it doesn’t contribute to my current plans then I will be leaving it. 

Now I know these plans will not be easy. But neither is life with an infant. At some point it won’t just be my things that we have to attend but Tate’s things as well. So I want to attempt to start a schedule now so when it’s time to add more to the schedule we’re all locked and loaded. 

Check back with me on social media to find out how I’m keeping up with these tips. And hey maybe you’ll try them with me? Pretty sure there’s power in numbers. 

See ya! 
Aysia B. 


Finding the Sparkle; Using the Right Products for my Baby's Sensitive Skin

Growing up I always had sensitive skin.  I would get so jealous of all my friends that could use the fake body washes with the glittery particles in them.  I mean ya girl was tryna get sparkly too!  After one use of those products I quickly learned my delicate skin was not down with the sparkle.  Sticking to products like ivory green bar soap was enough.  As I got older I was able to venture more towards bath and body works and other products that smelled sweet.  Still no sparkle though.  It now seems, my son suffers from this same issue. 

Finding a product that works well for your baby is hard.  The thought of trial and error with their delicate skin is scary for any parent let alone a first time parent.  But that is exactly what your expected to do.  And when it came to Tate, the trial and error process felt never ending. 

As I talked about bath time before, everybody loves a clean smelling baby.  Before an initial bath can be given, baby's umbilical cord must fall off.  In our case it felt like it took FOREVER for Tate’s to drop.  But when it finally did I was so ready to submerge my baby in his bath tub.  

Most moms will tell you Aveeno was their baby's first bath soap.  I mean it is meant to be delicate on the skin and it smells amazing.  Originally, Tate’s skin loved Aveeno!  It kept him moisturized and smelling so amazing.  Then around the one month mark his skin started to break out right after bath time.  I decided it was time to switch products. 

After taking him to his doctor, it was discovered he had eczema.  So the products we used from then on out had to have extra moisturizing power as well as be specific to this condition.

Next up was Shea Moisture Raw Chamomile and Argon oil for baby.  This product smelled so amazing but the scent was a little strong for babies in my opinion.  Tate’s skin did not break out visibly, but I would use the lotion on him following the body wash and sometimes he would just scream and cry.  This lasted about 2 weeks and then I decided it was time for another change.  We then tried Cerave.  This product did not smell as strong , it actually smelt kind of bland. But a week later and his skin was not moisturized and had fine point bumps on it.  Eucerin was up next and this product didn’t even make the week cut.  Within one day his skin was completely covered in what looked like a rash and the product had to be washed off. 

Finally we tried Cetaphil.  I am so thankful for this product because it finally got us off the trial and error train.  Cetaphil both soothed little Tot’s skin and kept his dry patches moisturized throughout the day.  We have been using this product for over 2 months now and *fingers crossed* his eczema appears to be almost non existent.  

My best tips I would give for a baby with sensitive skin would be:
  • Be cautious with products that smell too strong, more than likely it will break baby out
  • Look at the ingredients on the back of the products.  Be cautious of ingredients that were in previous failed products as they will probably cause the same reaction.  I wish I did this first as it would have saved me a lot of time. 
  • Just because your baby’s skin does not visibly appear to be irritated does not mean it isn’t
  • Don’t be afraid to change products if you feel its not working for your babes no matter what the reviews say; you know your baby best.
  • Don’t give up! It may feel like theres a billion products out there and you’ll never find the right one but trust me, it will come. 

Skin care is such a major topic for newborns and infants.  To finally find the right product for your little one is such a rewarding feeling.  With fingers crossed and high hopes, let’s hope our current product keeps my little man as comfortable as can be and our search is officially over.  

What is your skin care journey look like for your little one?  Have you hit your rewarding moment?

See ya!
Aysia B.


BTG Feature Friday: Sharon Bly

Up until this year Mother’s Day was just another holiday, similar to Christmas.  You ask the person what they want and then you go and buy it.  But you know like they say, you never understand someones’ position until your in it.  Now that I am a mother myself I appreciate this special lady in my life in more ways than one.  I now understand exactly what it’s like to be in her shoes and I understand it is something I can never repay her for.  So what better person to #FeatureFriday for Mother's Day month than my own mama.  Here it goes!


Aysia: Hey mom!  Thanks for being my special guest this mothers day!

Mom: No problem.  Happy to be here and featured.

Aysia:  I figured what better person to have for #FeatureFriday this month than my mama.  So Happy Mother’s Day mom.

Mom: Same to you.

Aysia: Thank you thank you.  Now I know there’s two of us, Brandon and I.  So what was your labor story with me?

Mom: Well the entire length of labor lasted almost 24 hours.  I started with minor labor cramps and told your dad to go to work because I wasn’t sure how long it would last.  After having your uncles come check on me multiple times he finally left work early. I guess he was afraid he would miss something.  Then hours passed you still hadn’t come, I was only 6cm dilated and your heart rate started dropping.  I had to have an emergency c-section. 

Aysia: That’s so ironic because they say your birth stories are sometimes hereditary.  And ours are similar in the sense, like you know, I had to had an unscheduled c-section.  Crazy. So you’re considered an expert mama of course, 20+ years, what is some expert advice you’d give new mamas?

Mom: Eventually it ends.  The hard parts; sleepless nights, tantrums, they all eventually end.  

Aysia: That is such good advice mom.  Especially those first few months. 

Mom: Exactly.  They always end and the beautiful times come back around.

Aysia: So being that it’s been some years what is one product now that you wish they had back when we were kids?

Mom: That dock-a-tot thing.  It’s like a little bed in a bed.  Back in the day we would just sleep with the baby in the bed.  That thing has like borders so you know you won't fall over on them.

Aysia: I LOVE my dock-a-tot.  Was definitely a most wanted item on my list. So now your a grandma or grammy as we say.  What’s the best part?

Mom: Not having the day to day worries.  You get all the joys of the baby without actually worrying if they’re eating enough or sleeping, etc. 

Aysia: Good, glad you didn't say that you get to give them back haha.  Let’s play a game.  Pick either me or Brandon. Who got teeth first?

Mom: Honestly, it’s been so long I don’t remember that one. But you both got them around the 6 month range. 

Aysia: Who walked first? Pretty sure I know this one haha.

Mom: Yes, you took your sweet time walking on your own.  So Brandon walked first.

Aysia: Talked first?

Mom: You did.

Aysia: Who got in trouble more?

Mom: I’d have to say you.  That mouth always got you in trouble.

Aysia: Yeaaa so happy I had a boy in that sense haha. Okay funniest thing we ever did as kids?

Mom: Not sure what’s the funniest thing you guys did, but I always remember that time we were at Disney world and Minnie Mouse was dressed in her safari outfit and you said she looked like a grandma.  Brandon was so afraid after that, it was so funny that the statement alone scared him.

Aysia: Yes! I remember that. Hilarious.  Well thanks for taking with me mom.  I appreciate all you’ve ever done for us. 

Mom: It’s my pleasure.  All apart of motherhood. 


Turning up the Heat; Ways to keep baby cool in warm weather

Tate is a winter baby. And in terms of summer, “he ain’t bout that life”. The other day we went jogging in 90 degree weather and his little cheeks were just as red as can be! So when planning for our trip to Arizona, I knew an adjustment to the heat was mandatory for this little Tot. 

Being as though Tate was a winter baby things like shade, sunscreen and light weight clothing were foreign to us. We’re all about that snowsuit, no sun, multiple layers type of weather. Don’t worry baby, mommy’s about that life too. But I was definitely not going all the way out to Arizona for my first time and sitting in the house to avoid the heat. So here were my top 5 baby tips to help little man adjust to the climate change. 

  1. Hat. In the cooler months I keep a hat on him to make sure he doesn’t lose any heat through his head. Well in the warmer months the hat is still in effect but shaped a little different and used for other reasons. In AZ I made sure his hat had a wide brim to keep the sun out his face. And was made from a lighter material so he didn’t overheat.
  2. Pool. Thankfully our friends we stayed with had a pool. On one of the hottest days, there was no other way to cool off then to just hop in the pool. And for his first time I’d have to say little man did just great. I’m seeing lots of swimming in his future.
  3. Lightweight clothing. Before leaving for our trip I had to of course go shopping. Not only for style reason, but also because Tate had no summer clothes that currently fit him. When picking my items I made sure the clothes were thin and I got plenty of short sleeved tops with shorts. 
  4. Cool cloth. Most of the time we were indoors so this was not as necessary. But in times when it did get super hot I wiped him down with a cool rag or cloth. Not only did it cool him down but he seemed to think it was a game to play. That’s always a bonus.
  5. Blankets. I’m that mom that constantly keeps her baby covered with a blanket. Don’t ask me why I just feel it’s something he needs and Tate loves his blankets. Pretty sure he’s going to be a “blanky kid”. In the warmer climates a blanket isn’t necessarily needed, but due to my obsession, the aden and anais blankets came right in handy. They’re light weight blankets that still get the job done. 

Even though I’m a winter baby I love all things warm weather. Ice cream, the beach, sun dresses, etc. Let’s hope the more I make him comfortable in it, Tate will feel the same. 

See ya! 
Aysia B.