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5 Ways I’m Combatting the “Due Date Month” Dread (5 third trimester favorites)

And just like that it hit me. HARD AF. The bump, the swollen feet, lamaze classes, hospital tours, nausea- the list can go on. In short, it hit me that I am O-V-E-R being pregnant. We almost made it to birth month so I’d have to say that’s a pretty good run. 

Everyday a person asks me “so how are you feeling?”; neighbors, doctors, parents, friends, other pregnant mamas, etc. And if they could read expressions mine would be screaming “IM DONE WITH IT!” But instead they hear “it’s going good so far can’t complain!”. And honestly up until last night that was about true. 

Yes, who wouldn’t like to see their toes again. And who wouldn’t like to get up without the jurassic park sound effects, but honestly if that’s the worse that pregnancy had given me I figured, why complain. But this past week?!? Let’s just say ‘ish has gotten real. Almost every day since Thanksgiving I have been sick. From migraines to stomach queasiness I have had a plethora of problems and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down as the week continues. 

So yea, it’s a bit more than wanting to just see my miniature feet again, it’s gotten to the point where I’d just like to see my body again. I know, let’s not skip the part where I get to hold my baby in my arms and love on him and all that greatness. But as of right now- I’d like to see me again first and then it can extend outwards. 

So in honor of such a crappy week I’ve decided to accept it for what it is and look into the future. The end of this week officially kicks off “due date month”. Most women are typically miserable and hating life this last month but I refuse to let my last month with this precious baby boy living inside of me end that way. I demand a change! So in honor of that change, here are 5 things I plan to do for myself during this last month that I will either start or continue as the days of this last trimester get long:

  1. Manicures. This is always my must. I live in the nail salon every 2 weeks. And though pedicures have gotten quite difficult (the hot water rises my body temp sky high and causes hot flashes like you wouldn’t believe), manicures are definitely still a go and I plan to continue that up and through delivery.
  2. Massages. Remember Angie I talked about in my previous post yea well she’s still my girl and I definitely still see her. I’ll be there next week Ang! Massages are so beneficial to the mind, body and soul! Why not pay extra close attention to it all while your creating life! 
  3. Walks. This is definitely a positive for more than one reason. For one, the saying “walk the baby out” is truly a real thing. Being upright in a ready body, places the baby’s head further onto the cervix and stimulates the release of oxytocin which is the hormone that pumps up the contractions.  An added positive is walking can be quite relaxing when done right. A slow steady pace around the neighborhood taking in the scenery is something I loved to do since I was younger. As long as my body allows me and this unusually warm Ohio weather continues, I’ll get out moving as much as I can. 
  4. Naps. Okay let’s be real, I don’t need due date month for this bullet. To be honest I really don’t even need pregnancy for this one. If you don’t understand why naps is on this list, you just ain’t nappin’ right.
  5. Us time. As much as I’m ready for this baby to come on out I’m also slowly holding onto each precious day. As each day passes by it reminds me its the last day we’ll be a family of 2 +pup. These last few days are not only important for me to cherish 'me time' but also keep 'us time' as a focus. Because from what I hear, there’s not much of that after this little bundle arrives. 

As I close on this blog post it amazes me to sit and think how much things can and will change. I mean even this blog post. I started out writing this with fumes and gases coming from my ears and now I find myself still and content in the moment. I’m guessing that statement is a lot like how parenthood will go. So Bean you take your time (but not too long) I’ll just be out here making this last month for us everything and then some. 

Mamas what was/ is on your to- do list for yourself in your “due date month”? I love to hear all the other ideas! 

See ya! 

Aysia B. 


To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate: That is the Question

One of everyones favorite things of pregnancy is the advice from new, past and current parents about how to care for YOUR child.  INSERT MAJOR SARCASM HERE.  Whether it be bottles, pacifiers, sleeping, clothing, or feeding each parent feels their advice is the right way to do it.  Trust me, I get it, you raised a pretty great kid so I’m sure the advice is great but… yea not always asked for.  One of our recent advice topics we have received has been about vaccinations.  I know I know, Aysia that is not a topic you just so openly discuss, but it’s Wednesday and that returned third trimester exhaustion has made it a little difficult to be consistent with posting so it’s time to have some fun.  Don’t worry, I’ll keep it short.  

As much as the unsolicited advice can be annoying I was actually appreciative of this one as it opened the door to allow curiosity to creep in.  Being a member of healthcare, vaccines were a no brainer.  In the clinic setting I was seen as an advocator of them, heck I administered them!  So in thought, when it came to my child it was also thought of as a no brainer.  My child would have vaccines.  But now, being pregnant it’s like the belly is a magnet for these sort of conversations from other pregnant mamas to be, parents or healthcare personnel.  And in some of these conversations the points made were enough to not only raise eyebrows but enough to make one consider some secondary research.  

When bringing a child into the world you want to protect them from as much harm as possible.  I mean if we could take away every “owie” and bruise our child encountered I’m sure we would.  And lets face it the other side of the vaccine debate is down right scary.  To think you could be allowing a product to be given to your child that could cause harm is scary to think of.  I want Bean to be safe of course, but which one is the safer choice?  As of now the evidence I have isn’t enough to lean one way or the other.  So, in our household we have agreed it has now definitely become something to look into.

Being a nurse does not by any means make me an expert one way or the other on the immunization debate.  So in this particular parenting topic I am asking for assistance in rounding up the evidence.  But remember, being a nurse does mean I’d love facts not just opinions.  

Mamas: current, past and ones to be, honestly what made you decide to vaccinate, not vaccinate or delay vaccinations in your child?  Also, how did this affect your decision on a pediatrician? E-mail or comment below some of your favorite evidenced based reasonings and let’s get the conversation started!! 


Pregnancy SLAAYYYY

We are nearing the end of this pregnancy ride. WHAT THE HECK! When they say pregnancy goes by fast I think it’s truly an understatement. I mean I feel like we were just in that hospital room getting that news for the first time. And now, we’re 45 days away from our due date. Yea you heard me right- FOURTY FIVE! Man time flies! And before you know it Bean will be here in our arms! 

After finding out the news I, like I’m sure many mamas do, had an idea of the way my pregnancy would go.  I had visions of a fit, healthy eating, fashionably stylish woman who was basically killing pregnancy. Well let me tell you, what I got was a: once a walk a day, feed the bump what the bump wants, rarely getting dressed woman who definitely isn’t killing anything besides the occasional house work. So honestly- where’s my pregnancy slay? I mean with baby’s your supposed to have this glow right? I assumed this little Bean would just change my whole demeanor. But in reality, Im still me and to be honest, I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

I feel like this new age pregnancy has a way of making many mamas to be feel inadequate during their entire pregnancy. I mean between the pregnant Instagram fashion models and fit pregnancy gurus it’s easy to feel like your failing pregnancy! Now don’t get me wrong, there is NOTHING wrong with being a fit pregnant fashionista, I mean “you get it girl”! That just didn’t work for me. But what’s most important, I shouldn’t be made to feel any less than fabulous just because of it, by instagram or by any other moms.

If it’s one thing I learned during these past 200+ days it’s that pregnancy is a journey. One that is unique to each and every one of us. Sure there are some who enjoy the fit lifestyle and continue with it through pregnancy and beyond. Seriously though hats off to them, I inspire to be like you... in the next pregnancy.  There are some who just couldn’t wait to dress up the bump! Hats off to you for finding fashionable clothes to fit over that belly. And there are some who are comfortable just being in sweats and kicking it all day long. Aka this is me- hard core. Whichever mama you are, embrace it and embrace it hard. Pregnancy definitely gives you a glow... you just have to define how you want to use it! 

p.s. any mamas to be or experienced mamas know where I can find those super cute maternity hospital gowns? I’d love to know! 

See ya! 

Aysia B. 


"Do you see this woman?"

Earlier this week in my dimly lit basement with madden playing in the back ground, I attempted to write my blog post as I usually do.  I took out my trusty MacBook, opened up my writing app, placed my hands on the keyboard and then…… nothing.  I could pull nothing.  Now usually when I sit down to write I have some type of idea in my mind where the post is going to begin and end.  But that day I could bring nothing to the front of my mind to write.  Me personally, I’ve always lived by the blogging truth: if you have nothing to say- say nothing.  Early on in my blogging research I learned it’s better to put out no post then a crappy one.  So, this Wednesday I planned to do just that; no post. 

I asked readers for ideas and one of them I received was to use “Women Wednesday”.  About what it means to be a woman that is creating life.  Good idea, but I thought to myself how many times can a child bearing mother write that exact same post?  How many times can we spill our feelings on being a woman? Well apparently God thought another one wouldn’t be too bad.

The message at this mornings weekly bible study moved me to write about just that.  The study is by Beth Moore and her study is about going on a quest toward God.  If you’ve never done a Beth Moore study as I hadn’t before this one, I HIGHLY recommend it, she is amazing.  Her primary focus is all about women and about our place in the holy kingdom.  But her message today moved me more than just in my intimacy with God.  It moved me to also think about that suggested topic above- what it means to be a woman creating life.  

Luke 7:44

…do you see this woman?…

For the past couple of days I’ve been feeling well… pregnant.  I can feel myself starting to slow down in my day to day activities. I need more breaks in between house work.  Completing daily errands now requires a 15 minute car/ social media break in order to continue my day.  Now if you read my first trimester post about having to slow down, you will get that I do NOT like to slow down.  Things like not being able to complete my errands or house work really put a damper on my mood and can sometimes make me feel inadequate.  

In the study Beth Moore singles out that part of Luke 7:44 where the Lord says “do you see this woman”. With this quote she begins to explain about how we as woman are constantly checking ourselves to make sure we are “perfect”.  That our hair is in place, our outfit looks just right, etc.  But in making the statement- “do you see this woman”, Jesus was referring to a woman filled with sins and shortcomings.  Not one who was perfect or the ideal image. 

I feel like when we are pregnant us woman constantly look at our days in terms of “what hasn’t been done”.  I didn't get to wash the laundry, dinner wasn’t made on time, the kids weren’t put down for bed correctly.  But- “do you see this woman”.  Do you look at yourself in the mirror and say- “I see me”, the one who is creating life as we speak.  The one who even though her body is exhausted, still managed to complete dinner no matter the time.  The one who even though she couldn't get her hair straight this morning still went to work and finished the day.  

Well, Beth, I see this woman.  I see this woman just as I know God sees this woman.  Imperfect, full of shortcomings but doing a darn good job.  We are under 55 days to go with this countdown and boy am I proud of what we’ve accomplished so far.  Let’s hope this mindset can take me through the rest of pregnancy as nesting begins to take over in full force over here.

See ya!

Aysia B. 

Anybody have any tips on nesting?  I am certainly starting to feel the need to get things done, but what?!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year- Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all!! I hope everyone enjoyed the best holiday of the year yesterday. 

If you’ve been following along with the blog then you know halloween is my all time favorite part of the year. I mean it’s the one time of the year you can dress as something totally different than yourself & it’s totally acceptable. And this year I was especially excited for halloween. Like hello how often do you get to use a massive belly bump as part of your props ?! Now, if you remember waayyyy back to Trophy or Treat then you remember how football dictated halloween that year. Well trust me, this year was no different. 

Along with enticing games, raging fans and attractive sports wear comes crazy schedules, missed holidays and a depletion in family time. So my excitement for this years halloween was quickly turned down when I realized the guys would be spending that weekend in London. Yupp you heard me right- London as in Europe. So no 2 hr game flight and then back, no quick travel plans and definitely no raging halloween parties. Apparently last years team Halloween party was amazing and this year I was so excited to creatively dress the bump (and Briean) and attend this party. You can imagine my disappointment when we learned the London schedule just didn’t allow room for a halloween party. But if you think I missed my chance to dress up these two- oh your so wrong. Pooh Bear and Christopher Robin was definitely in the building.

Even with all the traveling we still made the most out of it. And this year with our new location we were able to do somethings we’ve never done before: decorate the house and hand out candy!! Honestly I’m not sure who was more excited, the kids or us! Okay yes me but in saying “us” it makes me feel less alone. Seeing all the costumes come to the door and hearing the kids say “trick or treat” just warmed my heart. 

Thinking of traditions is a little different when your growing a life inside you. You begin to think of all the fun times you enjoyed as a kid and get excited to share that with your little tot. Like in a few years (aka next year) that’ll be us taking Bean from house to house!  And this little boy better share my love for this tradition because I‘ve already started scheming up some family costumes that I’m just dying to get started on! But in the mean time I guess I better use my next 61 “babyless” days to get ready for the next holiday.

P.S. how do you guys usually prepare for the next holiday? Do I put up “fall”/ thanksgiving items or go straight for Christmas? I’m never quite sure how that works lol. 

See ya! 



Appreciating the off Moments

I’m going to be completely honest with you guys, blogging these past few days has been so difficult. The guys had two off days in a row this week. Wait I don’t think you guys heard me so I’m just going to turn my mic on real quick: THE BOYS HAD TWO OFF DAYS THIS WEEK! You do not have to be in this NFL world to understand what it means when your man has 2 days off in a row. It means lots of family time along with squeezing in those few projects you’ve just been dying to get done around the house (like bathing my puppy!).  It’s literally straight bliss.

So needless to say the last thing I wanted was my face buried in a laptop somewhere.  So when he has off days it means mama takes some days off too! 

Yesterday was our last month visit. That means from here on out we go to visits every 2 weeks. And “here on out” is defined as roughly 75 days to go. The time is moving so fast and as much as I want my little Bean here there is still so much more to do! But a piece of advice I’ve received from many mamas is to not let that last trimester pass you by. Take advantage of the last few moments of just you and dad and enjoy each other. Family trips, walks with the dog, whatever it may be, make those last few months count. Which is why these 2 off days in a row was more clutch than Hue can imagine. 

As we inch closer to this due date and I continue to realize how unprepared our house still is, I just constantly remind myself to stop and take it all in. Because like I said before: I’ll never be here experiencing these first pregnancy moments again. And these moments are more precious than I can imagine. 

See ya! 

Aysia B. 


5 Favorites from my Second Trimester

Happy Friday from here in Ohio.  Its been such a gloomy week and definitely makes staying in the bed a lot easier.  But with some brightening news: WE HAVE OFFICIALLY ENTERED OUR THIRD TRIMESTER!  I mean honestly, what. the heck.  I feel like we just found out yesterday and now we’re already nearing our ending days.  I hate to be that person but I've had such a great pregnancy that is it a little weird to say I’m going to miss this bump?  Don’t worry I’m sure that will change the closer we get to the end of this thing.

As the second trimester comes to a close I find myself thinking back on how fast it went but of course not without it’s own struggles.  I mean the back aches, inability to sleep on my stomach and more. It definitely was not ALL a walk in the park.  To get through this second trimester there were definitely some staples I just could not live without.  Here are 5 of my second trimester favorites:
  1. Pregnancy pillow.  Yes, every woman’s favorite.  I didn’t start using mine faithfully until recently and boy let me tell you it is a game changer.  I haven’t been able to sleep on my stomach for quite some weeks now, but lately the ability to fall asleep once waking up to pee has been beyond difficult.  I just wrap all of my body around this pillow and within minutes I’m sleep.  I mean honestly without this pillow I’m quite sure I would be a walking zombie. 
  2. Palmers lotion.  Once your belly starts to stretch every woman hears the same spiel:  “Make sure you stay moisturized”, “You don’t want those stretch marks”, etc.  But one thing people forget to tell you is how bad your belly itches with that growth.  I mean yes obviously no one wants stretch marks but honestly once the itching starts to heck with the marks and get me some relief for this itch! Palmers lotion for stretch marks was something I was introduced to when I first started getting tattoos.  The artists explained to me it worked best on healing scars.  I figured why not use the same for the bump and boy does it work.  Instant itching relief as soon as applied and I have not had a single stretch mark yet this journey. 
  3. Back support.  Now I know I’ve said this pregnancy has been a breeze and compared to other horror stories I’ve heard, it has been.  But about 1 month ago the back pain started in full force and has not let up since.  Walking, sitting, standing- constant pain 24/7.  I went into Babies R’ Us to start my registry and my friend pointed out the section for back support.  I literally put the brace on in the store before even purchasing.  One day in it and I could already feel the difference.  Now I wear it non stop.  Shopping, grocery stores, etc you name it.  My back support has become my best friend.  
  4. Prenatal massages.  Let me start off by saying I am convinced Angie is short for Angel.  I have been seeing Angie at Synergy once a month for about 2 months now and she is just amazing.  Not only is her hands gifts from God she is so knowledgeable about what she does and why.  If you can afford the massages as well as add the time into your schedule it is so worth it! I mean it gives me about a good week of relief from back pain, pelvic aches, etc.
  5. Walks.  For about a week I just can’t get comfortable.  I wake up and eat breakfast just like I’ve done for the last 24 years of my life,  but now after eating it feels like theres a bowling ball in my stomach attempting to come up my chest.  I try sitting straight up, drinking water, etc, etc.  I get no relief.  The only relief I feel is after I take Gunner on a walk.  That 30 minutes around the neighborhood seems to settle everything back in place (if even for a short while sometimes).  And hey a plus is my 30 minutes of exercise for the day is done!
There are so many hacks and tips that each momma to be out there can give.  In this business the more the merrier can only help this process.  As I creep into this third trimester and try not to freak out at the fact that we have less than 100 days until baby bean is here, I am open to any third trimester tips that any of you out there have for me!

See ya!

Aysia B.