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Why I chose to breastfeed

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who compensated me for my honest opinion about their product. 
All opinions are my own.

Everyone always talks about that first time they laid eyes on their baby. It was this magical moment where the doctors laid baby on their chest and they immediately felt this connection like never before. They gazed into their babies eyes and saw their whole world. Insert the waterworks, fireworks and every other works you can think of. 

But if I’m being completely honest, I didn’t have that moment at Tate's birth. 

Between the change in plans, long labor, and c-section I felt like I was robbed of my “major moment”.  Besides the health benefits for my baby, this is one of the main reasons I decided to breastfeed. To get the close eye to eye, skin to skin connection. 

Breastfeeding to me is so much more than just feeding my baby. It’s “our time”. One no one else can share with him in the same way. Yes, sometimes the feed is a rushed duty in the back of the car in the middle of a shopping trip. Or sometimes it’s hanging over the car seat during one of our many times on the road. But no matter what the setting may look like breastfeeding is always a reminder for me to take a minute and just be with my baby. 

That’s why having the right tools during breastfeeding is so important to me. Without my trusty items I’m uncomfortable or unable to relax and truly enjoy that time. One of my all time favorite breastfeeding items is my Milk Snob cover. This cover is so convenient. Whether breastfeeding in public, around company or just hanging in the house, this stylish cover slips right over my head acting like a tent for little Tot to get his feed on. 

Since this 4 month old chunk is now a curious baby, our “special time“ isn’t him just laying there feeding and looking at me anymore. He moves around so much and is constantly losing focus. The Milk Snob cover not only stays in place during his karate feeding sessions allowing me to be hands free, it is also light weight and so soft preventing any sweating or overheating for both of us during his feed. 

With multiple stylish designs to choose from, the Milk Snob cover is very multi-functional. It covers my baby’s car seat in the cold or bright sun, acts as a blanket at times and will even work as a shopping cart cover when we advance to the sitting up stage.

When Tate’s under that cover it feels like it’s just me and him in the room. I stare at him, touch him, talk, laugh and more. I’m sure there are so many moments I’ll share with this little guy, but so far breastfeeding has got to be one of my favorites. 

What’s your favorite thing to do with your baby? I’d love to know! 

p.s. head on over to my Instagram to enter the GIVEAWAY to win my favorite Milk Snob cover classic design!

See ya! 

Aysia B.


What I should have packed for my unplanned C-section

When I would talk about my future births before actually being pregnant, I remember being so adamant about NOT wanting a C- section. As you recall I wanted a very nice fully unmedicated, natural, relaxed birth. Cesarean was the last way I wanted my baby to come out. I skipped over the cesarean sections in all the birthing books I read. During my birthing class I tuned out when it was time for the c section talk. I was adamant. 

I did NOT want to be cut open. 

Well we all know how that went, I indeed got the ax. Because of my pre- labor mindset, when my plans did fail I felt very unprepared. My hospital bag was packed entirely for my “natural birth plan”. 

So here’s my list again! This time I’m removing what wasn’t needed and adding what was. This is what I would have packed in my c- section delivery bag:

For mom:
  • Victoria Secret christmas pajamas & slippers (p.s. they also open in the front making it easy for breast feeding!)
  • Overnight nursing bra
  • Outfit to go home (since you absolutely do still look pregnant when leaving)
  • Dermaplast, 
  • Moms bottom spray
  • Always pads
  • Lanolin cream
  • Massage Roller (to counteract back labor pains; which I unfortunately did have) 
  • Lavender essential oil/ lotion
  • Music playlist created by dad for mom
  • Chargers (phones, cameras. laptops)
  • Personal pillow (y’all know how I am with establishment provided linen)
  • Toothbrush/ toothpaste
  • Shower shoes
  • Tummy support brace
  • breast feeding pillow (this helps keep pressure off your incision better than a pillow would)
  • high rise underwear (mine kept rubbing on the incision giving me the worst pains ever!)

Everything for baby and daddy was pretty much the same as the previous natural birth plan list

Labor is just one of those things you can’t control. No matter how much you prepare or strategize, your plan will probably not be what you expect. It’s impossible to prepare for the unknown. But one way to try to get ready is to be open to the possibility of changes in your plan. So read those Cesarean sections in the books and pay attention to the lessons in the class. When it comes to the big day, you’ll never know what you need. 

See ya! 

Aysia B.


BTG Feature Friday: Alexus Dover

“You are enough”. A quote I’ve seen so many mamas post and refer to. When your baby has cried all day, don’t worry you are enough. When the laundry is piling up, your still enough. And when you accidentally switch Daddy’s lunch with the kids don’t worry even then your enough.  This phrase is definitely one for women everywhere. And today’s #BTGFF Alexus Dover uses this phrase to be the driving force for her non-profit and her everyday life. Alexus is a student, mother to a busy 1 year old and an entrepreneur. Here is the second #BTGFeatureFriday
Aysia: Heyyyy Lex! Thanks for being the second feature on #BBFeatureFriday.  Let’s start.  When did you become a mom? 

Alexus: Heyy girl thanks for featuring me!  I became a mom when I was 22 years old turning 23.  

Aysia: Love the labor stories so, short blurb about yours.

Alexus: Um, I had the Braxton Hicks contractions for 2 days.  Went to hospital twice.  First time was only 1 cm went back home.  Second time they told me come back when I was 5 cm dilated at that time I was only 2-3 cm.  Walked around the hospital as the contractions got worse and worse.  Finally was at 5c, and got admitted.  Got the epidural and felt NOTHING.  I wasn’t even sure how hard I was pushing or when to push.  6 min later, Knowledge was here! 

Aysia: Man 6 hrs! Nice and sweet. Straight to the point.  My son was of course late like me haha.  So now, how do you feel being a mom has changed you?

Alexus: It gives me purpose and navigates everything I do.  Any decision I make now I always think about how it affects my son. 

Aysia: First thought on my mind all the time too. For you, what’s the best part of being a mom?

Alexus: This is going to sound bad but the fact that he’s always going to need me haha.  For example, breast feeding.  Like he needed me for that, I just loved that feeling.  But also, just he’s always the prize at the end of the day.  No matter what kind of day I’m having I know I’m going to go home and be with him at the end of the day.  

Aysia: Isn’t that just the sweetest?! No matter what they’re right there waiting with a smile on their face.  Honestly, the best ever.  Alright wonder woman; your a working mother, in school and raising a 1 year old. How do you keep from getting overwhelmed?

Alexus: At first I didn't.  I was getting very overwhelmed. I wasn’t sure how to juggle mommy-hood, friends, school, and just life.  I realized it’s all about managing your time.  Becoming a mom you realize your time is precious and to be picky about what you give your time to.  And keep your tank full.  I realized I can't give to K unless I have somewhere to give from.  

Aysia: It’s so true! Your time just becomes that much more precious when they’re around.  You really realize alright I can't waste it one bit.  What’s one thing you’d like to share with new moms that you wish you knew starting out?

Alexus: Just like you said, don’t be afraid to ask for help.  I felt I had to do it all and the need to do it all because your mom.  But you have to ask for help to avoid burnout.  And more importantly its OKAY to ask for the help.

Aysia: That help! It’s honestly the biggest thing I struggle with in mother-hood.  So switching hates, tell me a little about your non profit.
Alexus: So, Enough iAm is an organization I started that promotes healing to young ladies ages 12-19. Healing from any trauma like emotionally, mentally, sexually is discussed.  In the organization we have different programs with different categories.  For example, one is geared toward self esteem, another towards mental health, and another to education. The purpose of the non profit is to show these ladies that despite what you went through you, you have support. For example, if it wasn’t for my support system from my guidance counselor and WHO ELSE? I would not have believed I was good enough to get into the college I am in.  I want them to know, YOU ARE ENOUGH AND CAN DO WHATEVER YOU SET YOUR MIND TO. 

Aysia: That is beautiful.  And honestly so important for young girls in that age group to understand, especially the victims of abuse.  What encouraged you to start this specific non profit?

Alexus: Well for me, it was my personal experience with sexual abuse and mental abuse when I was younger.  I was assaulted by my step father at a young age.  At that time I felt so lost and  my self worth was diminished.  But I overcame that mindset and situation with the support system around me.  It motivated me to create that support system for other women so they can recognize that they’re in the situation and then identify ways to get out. I want them to realize their value and understand they don't have to settle. 

Aysia: That’s amazing.  So empowering! So far what have you done towards you non-profit?

Alexus: On Tuesday nights I currently run a 8 week workshop/ program at my church WHAT CHURCH. The first four weeks of the program we work on self-esteem.  During the second 4 weeks we touch on mental awareness and begin to discover the difference between mental illness and mental health.  We also ways to identify stress and solutions on how to cope with it. I’ve also held a vision board party where we did activities all geared towards self-worth and identifying the best versions of you.  

Aysia: That is good!  Definitely getting it up and running. So whats up next for you and the non- profit?

Alexus: Well I graduate in May with my degree in Health Services (YAY!).  I applied for a state job with social work (fingers crossed I get it!) and then as far as EiA I am currently working on getting programs incorporated into different schools throughout Delaware. 

Aysia: Yay graduation!! Good luck in all of those things girl. Okay, lightening the mood back up, funniest thing Knowledge has ever done?

Alexus: OMG he does so much haha.  But the funniest thing is when he was first learning how to feed himself.  It was like he didn’t realize his hands worked.  He would eat his food like a dog.  For example, we started with cheese balls and he would put the cheese ball on whatever surface he was eating on and then bend over it and pick it up with his mouth as if he didn't understand he could just use his own hands to feed himself.  It was the funniest thing ever!

Aysia: That is hilarious!  I love hearing how different kids go through different developmental stages haha. I can’t wait to see Tate’s.  Well thanks for letting me interview you girl and for sharing your story!

Alexus: No problem, thanks for having me! 

p.s. Follow all that’s in the works with Enough iAM on Instagram! 

Stay tuned for next month’s #BTGFF where I do a Mother’s Day special ! 

See ya!

Aysia B. 


My Future Spring Break "To-Do" List

Just a quick question, 

Is spring EVER coming !?! 

I mean seriously, between the snow and cold weather I’m convinced Mother Nature has decided to just skip spring altogether this year. 

In college the most looked forward to break was spring! I mean spring break in college literally interprets to traveling. Okay not really but you get what I mean.  Unfortunately for me, we never had the luxury of hitting the travel train but it was definitely something I've always wanted to do! 

Now with little Tot, I cannot wait to create a spring break list of things for us to do and check things off one by one! 

So here’s my (future) list of Spring Break things to do with Tate over the years:
  1. Travel to the aquarium
  2. Read a book a day
  3. Do arts and crafts
  4. Build a fort
  5. Travel to another state
  6. Ride bikes at the park
  7. Go to the park
  8. Travel to the museum
  9. Go to a baseball game
  10. Spend LOTS of time with the family

Okay, I just had to add number 10 in there! Haha. What are some fun things you and your little ones do during Spring Break? 

Hope everyone had a great Easter!

See ya! 

Aysia B.


I have a newborn; YES I need help

Isn’t it weird how social media works? You see a picture on a screen and you like it because you agree or are going through the same situation. 1200 likes later and you realize dang a lot of people feel this way. Isn’t it weird that on a planet so big with so many people you can all be experiencing the same things at different stages of your life? 

I saw that picture above today and I saw how many likes it had. Already 2,000 and it had been up for only a handful of minutes. Coinciding with a conversation I had today it made me think man, did every mom go through this? 

I am a very independent person. I tend to like to get things done on my own and by myself. Because you know, “I can do it!” Insert Rosie the Riveter picture here. One of my self- proclaimed flaws is that I don’t like to fail. From the time I was in school I can remember not answering questions sometimes in class because I didn’t want to give the wrong answer.  After having Tate I realized years later, this still stood true. 

I am his mother and I do NOT want to fail.

I’m not sure why us as mothers equate asking for help with failing. But that picture above with its 2,000 likes tells me that a ton of us do.   

In one of my previous post I touched on how some of the statements made by people around us can cause us to feel insecure. But truthfully even if it wasn’t for the people around us, us mothers do it enough all on our own.

I needed help. I needed a lot of it. Tate was waking up every hour and when he did sleep, he wanted only to be in my arms. My laundry was piling up so high it couldn’t even fit it in the basket anymore. My house well, I can’t even tell you the last time I cleaned it. And cooking? I’m sorry I don’t think you should trust me with a hot stove right now with my lack of sleep. Everything around me screamed ask for help. But I just couldn’t do it. 

Something inside me said that if I asked for help, even from my child's own father, that I was failing. Something inside me screamed, “you can do this”! Insert that Rosie the Riveter picture again. 

And the truth is I can do this, and I did. By myself. But what did I sacrifice in return? What had to suffer from my need to do it all alone? Tate? My relationship? My sanity? 

Finally I got overwhelmed. I quickly realized even if I can do it all alone I shouldn’t have to.  So I did it. I asked for help. Probably a lot later than it needed to be but so what, I did it. And you know what? Just because I had to ask for help doesn’t make me any less of a mother. The same way that doing it all on my own doesn't make me any more of a mother.  

I’m not quite sure what we have to change in ourselves or society to reverse this belief pattern. I’m not sure who it starts with or where it ends. But mama I just want to let you know it’s okay. You ask for help. From your man, from your mom, from his mom, shoot from the neighbor! Take all the help you can. Because though you probably can do it all on your own, you don’t have to. 

See ya! 

Aysia B. 


Entering New Territory: Teething Stage 1

Honestly, I thought we had time. I thought it usually doesn’t start until about 6 months. The sleepless nights, cranky days and messed up feeding schedules. But we’re here, and we’re hating it. 

That’s right. Tate’s 


This little Tot has proceeded to try and do everything early and teething is just another thing to add to the list. I don’t think we’re quite IN the fire yet. As in no teeth are cutting or budding. But the extra saliva, face rubbing, and chewing everything in site is definitely in play. 

Because Tate is so little it’s kind of hard to find the right teething toys for him. But so far we are using 3 in rotation. One of which comes from Ryan and Rose. This BPA, silicone and lead free teething ring is both light weight and stylish. Now this teething ring is still just a little too big for my little man’s mouth. But trust, he still tries his best to shove the entire thing in. What’s even better about the Ryan and Rose teether is that it’s a rattle! So even when it’s not being used to soothe gums it doubles as the perfect play time toy, especially in the car. One less item to drag around is always nice, am I right? 

Being that Tate is so young, another difficulty is he cannot necessarily put items to his mouth yet. And since I only have two hands (still figuring who to talk to about changing this feature for moms) losing teething rings and other toys in the scuffle is pretty common. The Ryan and Rose clip is such a big help for this! I can use the stylish clip to connect whichever teething ring I’m currently using onto him, the stroller or even the diaper bag! It is so convenient.  And safe! Made by moms, these uniquely designed pacifier clips are shorter than traditional clips. Making it safer in terms of choking and also cleaner with a mobile baby by keeping it off the ground. And if your like me who plans to write their child’s name on everything you can even get your cutie clip specially engraved with your little one’s name on it! 

Now I won’t say I’ve mastered this whole teething thing. Honestly I feel like quite the opposite of that. So I would LOVE your suggestions. What’s some definite must haves or tips that you’ve tried to get through this level? Any information can help! 

See ya! 
Aysia B. 

p.s. head over to my Instagram to enter in the GIVEAWAY for a Ryan and Rose teething rattle and pacifier clip! GIVEAWAY ends Sunday 3/25 at 5pm. 


Road Trippin’ (How to do a Road Trip with a baby that HATES their car seat)

This post features sponsored product from Piperfinn Footwear,
who compensated me to feature their product. 
All opinions are my own.

If you’ve been following the blog for a while now then you know Gunner was indeed my very first tiny travel companion. Both by land and by air I had to prep Gunner for many trips. A bag packed full of treats and toys and we were ready to go! Well this time I have another little travel companion and if I’m being honest, he’s just not as simple. 

Tate has now been on about 4 total road trips. Most of them being back and forth between Ohio and Delaware. I know what your thinking, “Oh he’s an infant you pop him in the seat and he just falls right asleep”. Well guess what? WRONGO BUDDY! Tate does NOT like his car seat. This makes for a much more difficult car ride. 

Unfortunately for Mr. Tot comes from a road trip family; both on my side and Briean's. We are all known to take many trips by car. So getting him adjusted to long stretches on the road is a must. 

Here are my top 5 tips for Road Trippin’ with a baby who does NOT like their car seat:
  1. Feeding. There are one of two ways to do this. For our first trip or two I pumped bottles for feeding. Tate typically eats every 2 hours (yes still, my feelings are the same). So I pump 1 bottle for every 3 hours. So our 6 hour trip I have 2 bottle in tow. Now recently, Tate started having teething problems so he’s refusing the bottle. So I am breast feeding him at every stop whether he’s hungry or not. This keeps him full for the trip and less screaming encounters for all passengers invoiced. 
  2. Entertainment. Tate’s only 11 weeks old so this one would appear to be difficult, but WRONGO again! This little man loves tv. I know I know, bad mom, but sometimes I have to get things done. So on our road trip I whip out the movies/ shows to help keep him calm. Also in rotation is his teething rings, car seat handle toy and mommy’s finger of course. With a baby that hates their seat it’s important to have multiple entertainment items.  Just like they get bored with the seat, they will get bored with the toys just as fast.
  3. Warmth. When we get on the road, I bundle Tate in his hat and a light blanket on top of his outfit which is a onesie and undershirt included. I find that when Tate’s a little warm and cozy he seems to sleep better and longer during the rides. The aiden+anais blanket is both warm and thin at the same time. Keeping him from getting too overheated and waking up. I love this blanket! 
  4. Planning. If your kids anything like mine they don’t want to spend any idle time in that car seat. So before I even put Tate in his seat I have a game plan. When my next stop is, where exactly it will be and how long we plan to be there. By eliminating the unnecessary stops I’m able to take out those times where Tate’s just hanging out in his seat and save those times for peaceful moments on the actual road.
  5. Enjoy it! There may be rough patches, crying bouts. and many extra stops on the road. But at the end of the day your on a road trip with people you love. Enjoy that time. No two road trips will be the same and every aspect of it won’t be the same either. Enjoy the good times and embrace the bad. 

Where are you planning for your next road trip?? I’d love to know ! 

See ya! 

Aysia B.