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How to chose the right puppy? p.s. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUNNER!

I know, I know, it’s supposed to be Football Friday, but there was much bigger news on the agenda for the last Friday of the month.  If you missed it on both me and Gunner’s Instagram stories, earlier this month was Gunner’s ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY!! Can we all just take a second and ball our eyes out in unison?!  My baby is no longer a baby.  He has over tripled in size and mental capacity.  Let’s look at some stats:

Birth Weight: 11.4 lb
Current Weight: 65lb

Birth Collar Size: Small
Current Collar Size: Large

Birth play: Barking until you find something to do with him
Current play: Bringing toys to you (favorite toy: balls)

Birth Training: Pee in the house
Current Training: Kennel’s up, sits, lays, rolls over, knows papa’s name, and so much more.

So yea, I think it’s safe to say he’s officially a dog and not a puppy.  But who am I kidding, he’ll be 13 years old and I’ll still call him my puppy. If you read this past Wednesday’s post, you’ll see we made the big move this week.  With all the craziness pending the move in the upcoming days we had a very small party of 2 for Gunner’s first birthday.  I got him some of his favorite treats from a puppy kiosk in Mall of America and he got his first try at the IAMS 1 year+ puppy food.  I’d have to say even without a real party he had the time of his life.  Minus the party hat, he was not for that haha. 

While on the road trip with Gunner I started reflecting about how this past year with him has been.  Btw can I just say that he did AMAZING on the road trip.  In about 11.5 hrs we stopped only 3 times.  He dozed off every now and then but more importantly he did not cry not once the entire ride! But I digress, in reflecting on his past year I thought about how he is literally his own person.  He has his own personality with his own quirks and traits.  And of course, sometimes those traits, butt heads with my own traits. 

On Instagram, with friends, other puppy moms, etc all I ever hear people say is how cute Gunner is and how they were thinking of getting a Pitbull.  Now let me be one of the many to tell you: raising a Pitbull is hard work.  They are said to be one of the most stubborn dog breeds but are also very eager to please their owners.   Before me and Briean dove head first into this purchase we did so much research.  We researched how to train them, the right foods, breeding, etc.  But even in all our research we forgot to look up basic things like restrictions, personalities, or basic household needs.  I mean honestly when awaiting a furry friends arrival there’s already so much to think about it’s easy to forget things!  And that’s why ensuring you pick the right pup for your lifestyle should be one of the very first things on your list.  

This week me and Gunner got an amazing graphic from PuppySpot that we just had to share!  This graphic is sure to to make the task a little easier for those currently in search of their own furry friend.  Have you ever thought “man, I wish there was somewhere I could map out the perfect dog for me!”.  Well now there is!  PuppySpot has created an efficient flowchart that helps you do just that.  Starting from the very beginning with basic living needs and working all the way down to your activity level this flow chart helps narrow down the perfect dog personality for you.  With lists of different breeds for each type of dog personality it’s simple to find just the right furry friend for you.  Now, this list is not all-inclusive (I mean they even left off my furry friend), but in using this flow chart it can definitely set you up on the right track for the rest of your research.  In completing this myself I got number 3- the active socialite.  Which is funny because growing up my father had a husky mix and it is definitely a dog I would consider on my “possible breed list”. Now knowing Gunner I know he definitely would fit right into the same category with his eager to please obedient self.  Using this list I would have narrowed right down to my own favorite furry friend.  And who knows… maybe that husky might be in my future sooner than later? *hint hint*

PuppySpot not only helps get your started on which furry companion is for you, but they also give you lists of available dogs to choose from!  From purebreds to designer breeds there is such a wide selection on their website.  Don’t see what your looking for on their website?  They’ll even contact you directly to get more information and offer one on one help with your search.  So head on over to and get help with choosing your furry love now!

p.s. don’t forget check out their social media pages to get a peek at a feature of me and Gunner for National Dog day on August 26, 2017.

See ya for now!

Aysia B.


Moving Week!

EEKK!! It is moving week!!! I know I know.  Big secrets here, but we are indeed doing just that- moving.

This is now the second move I have made from one state to another but this time with a little extra cargo in place.  Most of that including Gunner.  Anyone who has moved before knows how hard it can be.  Well it’s double that for moving out of state and a little more added difficulty when you add a pup into the mix.  We are packing up our (now larger) one bedroom apartment and towing it 12 hours from MN by car.  This is the LONGEST car ride Gunner will ever take and I am just hoping and praying he can handle it.  And between his potty breaks and mine, I hope we don’t take this trip from 12 hrs to 19. 

Being that camp is literally just around the corner, (I know what the heck when did THAT happen?!), time constraints for moving was very tight.  We literally had 3 months from the start of the decision to pack the entire house, get last minute doctor appointments in, find a new doctor in the new state, clean up the last few things in MN and so much more!  Honestly, this move was a lot more stressful than the move 5 years ago to MN.  But we were able to move right into a space for now, but then moving AGAIN to a new spot before the season.  Talk about a moving season (haha liked my play on words there?

With all the stress of planning, packing, clerical household procedures and so much more it can be so easy to skip out on meals or feel you aren’t getting the right nutrients.  That’s why I am sooo happy for these Goodie Box treats! They give me great on the go snacks that I can literally hold in one hand while I use the other to do one of the many things needing to be done for move out day. 

If you haven’t yet, go sign up for Goodie Box.  It is a FREE site that will ship you healthy snacks and treats right to your front door.  And that’s right I said F-R-E-E.  Let’s be honest when in our society is anything healthy actually free?  Well this is and all you have to do is give a short review/ video in return.  Sign up now!!
Don't forget shower us with lucky moving dust!


Happy Fourth of July!!

HELLO?!?! IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?!? I mean honestly, between the warm weather and summer travels have any of us actually been ‘there’?  Nonetheless, this is one of the shortest posts I’ve probably ever written.  I am just checking in with you ladies and gents to let you know BTG is not dead and neither am I. hahaha. I have just been cooking up something so big.  I mean literally "cooking up" something, and it is taking up all of my energy.  But- we will get to ALLLL of that soon enough.  For now, here’s a few snippets on how life has been.  Care to show me what you’ve been up to?

Don't forget to stay up to date with the blog the next few weeks! Trust me you do not want to miss any of the big changes!

See ya for now!

Aysia B.

Happy Fourth of July!

can you believe how big Gunner Bear is!


first car road trip!

first Championship game; game 1!

food truck fair 2017

baseball 2017



The Real Problem with Impatience

So if signed up for this past weeks email course you will be introduced to this weeks guest poster soon enough. But in the mean time I introduce to you Angela King. She is a mindfulness coach that believes in using the power of the mind to create the life of your dreams! And today she brings to you a little detail about something we all struggle with in the world- impatience.  I have it and I'm sure you have it.  So before I go on anymore with the things that drive me crazy (grrr) I will let her take over now:

Today’s world is all about efficiency, and how to make things work faster. There have been some incredible achievements because of this effort. We have access to the entirety of human knowledge literally at our fingertips, and almost any material item you could need or want will arrive at your doorstep with the click of a button.

As wonderful as all these advancements are, they also enable us to succumb to our greed and impatience. No matter how fast the internet speeds are, the first time a window takes an extra moment longer to load, we automatically groan with frustration. We expect deliveries to arrive within two days, and we become upset if they don’t. But where does this sense of urgency come from?

Well, much like any other human behavior, it’s a cycle. We’re constantly raising our expectations of each other, and of ourselves. Our bosses and teachers and families often place these expectations on us, and then we internalize them. From there, we develop a strong need to please others in the way we act and dress.

For example, when you are running late for work, doesn’t it seem like everything takes longer than usual and makes you later and later? And doesn’t it always happen that you forget or misplace or spill things and are made even later? How frustrating to be trying so hard to meet expectations, even ones that seem so simple like being on time, and still missing the mark.

Here’s the bottom line. Meeting someone else’s expectations of you will never give you peace of mind. No matter how many times you make it to work on time and remember everything you’re “supposed to,” and say the right things, you’ll always have to question whether that other person approves of you. For many of us, it becomes so ingrained that we aren’t even aware that we’ve been trying to fit someone else’s mold. We claim to have high expectations of ourselves, but the expectation itself is the problem. With an expectation comes a clear line between passing or failing. That creates a distinction between what we feel we are allowed to be and what we aren’t.

The way we let go of these expectations is by mindfully taking a step back and recognizing that we have them. Knowing that we can choose to keep our expectations or let them go allows us to dissociate from the outcome. By removing ourselves from the equation, we also remove the urgency of trying to please others. If you aren’t focused on pleasing your boss, your brain has much more space to actually do your work, and be inventive.

When we remove expectations from any situation, we get to choose how we spend our time. Living purposefully does not come with any external requirements. It’s a matter of perspective and how you view each thing you do.

You get to decide what is important to you, and you can change your mind at any point. Use that as a tool to remove the expectations from your life, and then there will never be a finish line to cross, or a box to check when you’ve met the day’s quota. You’ll be able to decide how to live out your purpose each day, regardless of what you think others expect from you.


How Motivating my Girls helps me Motivate Others

I love motivating you guys!  Seriously, every Monday I find such joy in creating a blog post that will facilitate growth in someone else.  I mean from suitcase packing, to working out, to just creating a better you; it is so fulfilling to give this to you guys.  So it makes perfect sense that a part-time job I pick up help me do just this.  

I am a softball coach. 

I have wanted to coach for quite some time now.  But between football, nursing and just life I didn’t have the time or energy to do so.  But now with life slowing down a bit and getting a hang of the off season, I thought what better time than now! 

So a little background.  Thanks to my best friend and her connections, I was able to score a job as an assistant 9th grade softball coach at a local high school.  I personally played softball for many years and one of my deepest regrets is not taking it as serious as I did some other areas in my life.  I mean who knows I could have been the world class athlete in the family! *inserts hysterical laughter here*  In coaching these young girls I have found a new calling. I am able to use what I love to do here every Monday and apply it to such moldable minds.  Being trusted to mold and shape these young individuals is such an honor and I am so thankful for the opportunity. 

Now here comes the dilemma.  It’s been a while since I’ve been in high school.  Haha it feels so funny to say that.  But in being out of high school so long I forgot just how impressionable these ladies are.  I mean honest to God it’s like they constantly think the worse of themselves.  One little mistake in the field and it's like they go from great to the worst on the planet.  From feelings of self-pity to wanting to quit, these girls have such a hard time cheering themselves on.  But that’s where I come in.

Motivating is what I do.  Hence why I do such a good job of being with an athlete.  When these girls get down on themselves, that’s where I step in to provide them with the will power they need to continue.  When they tell themselves they can’t that’s where I’m the voice that says they can.  Each day before practice I give my girls a motivational quote to live by for practice that day.  The girls love it.  And each time one girl makes a mistake or gets down on herself, the other girls will repeat the quote to them.  I love it!  It reminds me of Dear Amy; facilitating the uplifting of other women around them.  And this to me is more important than softball could ever be.  

In thinking of ways to empower my young athletes it made me think of all the women in the world that constantly look at themselves and say they can’t.  Can’t look like her, can’t dress like her, can’t get that job, can’t get that man and so many more.  And to be honest:


WE ARE WOMEN.  I mean that in itself should be spelt C-A-N.  It is important that we remind ourselves that we CAN.  It is important that we remind ourselves life is not a competition with any other person than the person we were yesterday.  I don’t always succeed at this myself.  I wake up every day and have to have the right mental mindset to push myself to be a better me; mentally.  So I invite you to join me on this push to mental stability! Sign up for my 5 week course in which I give you activities, quizzes and motivational quotes that in the end will create a better, self- empowered you.  Motivation has to start somewhere.  And every now and then we just need an extra push to get us to the next step.  My course will push you and motivate you to do things out of your element.  Let’s take this to the next level!

* indicates required

btw Follow along on Instagram to see some of the featured motivational quotes I give my girls!  

Aysia B.


Why I'm taking a break from the Blog

As a writer, nurse, teacher or whatever; it is your job to perfect your craft.  It is your job to go to seminars, workshops, or other forms of learning to ensure the product you produce is of best quality.  And as a blogger, my job is no different.  I attend workshops, webinars, and Facebook groups in an attempt to motivate myself to create a better blog for you my readers! Now, there are times I go to work on projects and just disappear on you guys and that’s just not right.  So what I am saying in short is: I know I have been MIA in this week, and I am sooo sorry (especially right after the consistency piece eekk).  But I swear to you guys- this time the absence is much needed.  I am working on something so crucial for the blog that the silence is warranted. 

I have been on Pinterest, Instagram, other blogs and much more just to find ways to improve this blog.  Not that it isn’t already great, and trust me I do appreciate the following we have here, it’s just… I want more but more importantly I want to give YOU GUYS more.  So finally I stumbled upon it. “How to improve your email list”.  I’m not sure where I saw it first, but from Krista from, xo Sarah, and so many others I found just what I was looking for.  Ways to improve my the blog with my e-mail list. 

Now email is not the only thing that matters, because like I said before it doesn’t matter to me if I have 5 subscribers or 5000.  But, if I’m going to do something, mind as well do it right!  So for you guys I have… (drumroll please)


I know not such a huge accomplishment, but for me- it is.  It is the third “big thing” that I am doing for the blog so far this year.  First, switching to my own website domain, then switching email providers (hence why your blog emails might look a little different), and now this!  And though to many bloggers it may only be a small step, it is still a huge one for me.  Creating this email series is just one more step in creating the best blog for you guys that I absolutely can. With my motivation and determination I am sure this email series will be just what the blog needs!

Now, for a timeline, and yes that means more silence for the blog (so sorry guys!).  Yes, many individuals do email series in 12 hrs or less, but “if you know me” you know I am a perfectionist.  So, I have to have this done correctly. I first want to make sure I research as much as I can and then secondly create the best series I can and to do so takes time.  So, for the rest of the week the blog will go silent.  But in the meantime I have plenty of other things for you to do:

1.       Follow along with BTG on Instagram to see small updates during the week.
2.       Follow BTG on Twitter to see small daily tips I learn while creating the email series.
3.       And finally follow BTG Facebook for an exclusive live video at the end of the whole email series process!

Trust me you do not want to miss this process!

Aysia B.


How I stay Consistent with the Blog

Commitment.  Ugh such a scary word.  I mean honestly I cringe having to resign my cell phone contract and that’s something I can’t live without.  It is so hard for me to stay committed to things.  Hair regimens, vitamins, working out; you name it and I struggle. So when it comes to the blog, I have an extra difficult time because not only do I have to stay committed but I also have to use time management.  I mean what?!? You want me to actually manage my time, yea good luck.  But nonetheless, I try.  Trust me it’s not easy.  Between my two jobs, Gunner and well life, it gets pretty hard to stay consistent.  I definitely am not perfect and this is something I work on every week.  So here are some things I’ve been using to try to get and stay consistent and committed with the blog:

  1. Planning.  Just like any event in life you have to plan.  Plan the reason for the celebration (i.e. birthday), plan the decorations, the guests and so much more.  And a blog post is no different.  Using a editorial calendar (aka my iPhone calendar) I am able to plan the topic or reason for my post, the layout or decorations, who I’m presenting it to and so much more.  With a plan in place I am able to proceed to writing.  Onto tip 2!
  2. Writing.  Haha sounds funny that this is a tip for writing a blog.  But what I mean by writing is that I actually write out multiple blog posts a night sometimes.  With my crazy nursing schedule there are times I have days/ weeks off at a time.  During those times I try my best (though it’s so easy to be a lazy bum those days) to be productive and get as much done as possible as it becomes harder to do so when work starts back up.  With blog posts pre-written, on post days all I have too do is edit and release.  Very simple. 
  3. Organize.  This is a huge one! When attempting to run a blog it is so important to stay organized to make sure everything runs smoothly.  From the layout of each post, to the blog, to release dates it’s easy to get confused and let everything get out of wack.  Staying organized helps me balance everything out with the blog as well as other areas of my life. 
  4. Motivation.  I know, I love that word haha.  Without motivation this blog doesn't run.  In using my motivation I make sure that I get those posts done on my week off, I get my email list taken care of, the layout, etc.  Without motivation none of these things get complete and I am unable to stay committed to this blog. 
  5. Creativity.  I think people forget about this a lot of times with blogging.  Blogging is a craft.  It is something you work at and perfect.  Something you put your time into and make great.  My creativity is another thing that keeps this blog up and running.  The blog posts do not happen early, late or at all without it! Changing my scenery, going new places and experiencing new things are all ways that I ensure I keep new posts coming consistently.  Creativity can come from anywhere and appear in many different forms, writing just happens to be mine.  

Being consistent is definitely difficult but something well worth it.  It gives you guys the readers a way to follow, and it gives me the writer some organizational sanity.  I would love to hear all of your consistency tips!  Blogging or not I could sure use some more ideas!

Aysia B.