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Appreciating the off Moments

I’m going to be completely honest with you guys, blogging these past few days has been so difficult. The guys had two off days in a row this week. Wait I don’t think you guys heard me so I’m just going to turn my mic on real quick: THE BOYS HAD TWO OFF DAYS THIS WEEK! You do not have to be in this NFL world to understand what it means when your man has 2 days off in a row. It means lots of family time along with squeezing in those few projects you’ve just been dying to get done around the house (like bathing my puppy!).  It’s literally straight bliss.

So needless to say the last thing I wanted was my face buried in a laptop somewhere.  So when he has off days it means mama takes some days off too! 

Yesterday was our last month visit. That means from here on out we go to visits every 2 weeks. And “here on out” is defined as roughly 75 days to go. The time is moving so fast and as much as I want my little Bean here there is still so much more to do! But a piece of advice I’ve received from many mamas is to not let that last trimester pass you by. Take advantage of the last few moments of just you and dad and enjoy each other. Family trips, walks with the dog, whatever it may be, make those last few months count. Which is why these 2 off days in a row was more clutch than Hue can imagine. 

As we inch closer to this due date and I continue to realize how unprepared our house still is, I just constantly remind myself to stop and take it all in. Because like I said before: I’ll never be here experiencing these first pregnancy moments again. And these moments are more precious than I can imagine. 

See ya! 

Aysia B. 


5 Favorites from my Second Trimester

Happy Friday from here in Ohio.  Its been such a gloomy week and definitely makes staying in the bed a lot easier.  But with some brightening news: WE HAVE OFFICIALLY ENTERED OUR THIRD TRIMESTER!  I mean honestly, what. the heck.  I feel like we just found out yesterday and now we’re already nearing our ending days.  I hate to be that person but I've had such a great pregnancy that is it a little weird to say I’m going to miss this bump?  Don’t worry I’m sure that will change the closer we get to the end of this thing.

As the second trimester comes to a close I find myself thinking back on how fast it went but of course not without it’s own struggles.  I mean the back aches, inability to sleep on my stomach and more. It definitely was not ALL a walk in the park.  To get through this second trimester there were definitely some staples I just could not live without.  Here are 5 of my second trimester favorites:
  1. Pregnancy pillow.  Yes, every woman’s favorite.  I didn’t start using mine faithfully until recently and boy let me tell you it is a game changer.  I haven’t been able to sleep on my stomach for quite some weeks now, but lately the ability to fall asleep once waking up to pee has been beyond difficult.  I just wrap all of my body around this pillow and within minutes I’m sleep.  I mean honestly without this pillow I’m quite sure I would be a walking zombie. 
  2. Palmers lotion.  Once your belly starts to stretch every woman hears the same spiel:  “Make sure you stay moisturized”, “You don’t want those stretch marks”, etc.  But one thing people forget to tell you is how bad your belly itches with that growth.  I mean yes obviously no one wants stretch marks but honestly once the itching starts to heck with the marks and get me some relief for this itch! Palmers lotion for stretch marks was something I was introduced to when I first started getting tattoos.  The artists explained to me it worked best on healing scars.  I figured why not use the same for the bump and boy does it work.  Instant itching relief as soon as applied and I have not had a single stretch mark yet this journey. 
  3. Back support.  Now I know I’ve said this pregnancy has been a breeze and compared to other horror stories I’ve heard, it has been.  But about 1 month ago the back pain started in full force and has not let up since.  Walking, sitting, standing- constant pain 24/7.  I went into Babies R’ Us to start my registry and my friend pointed out the section for back support.  I literally put the brace on in the store before even purchasing.  One day in it and I could already feel the difference.  Now I wear it non stop.  Shopping, grocery stores, etc you name it.  My back support has become my best friend.  
  4. Prenatal massages.  Let me start off by saying I am convinced Angie is short for Angel.  I have been seeing Angie at Synergy once a month for about 2 months now and she is just amazing.  Not only is her hands gifts from God she is so knowledgeable about what she does and why.  If you can afford the massages as well as add the time into your schedule it is so worth it! I mean it gives me about a good week of relief from back pain, pelvic aches, etc.
  5. Walks.  For about a week I just can’t get comfortable.  I wake up and eat breakfast just like I’ve done for the last 24 years of my life,  but now after eating it feels like theres a bowling ball in my stomach attempting to come up my chest.  I try sitting straight up, drinking water, etc, etc.  I get no relief.  The only relief I feel is after I take Gunner on a walk.  That 30 minutes around the neighborhood seems to settle everything back in place (if even for a short while sometimes).  And hey a plus is my 30 minutes of exercise for the day is done!
There are so many hacks and tips that each momma to be out there can give.  In this business the more the merrier can only help this process.  As I creep into this third trimester and try not to freak out at the fact that we have less than 100 days until baby bean is here, I am open to any third trimester tips that any of you out there have for me!

See ya!

Aysia B.


In over our heads; 5 Tips for Creating a Baby Registry

I’m a pediatric nurse. I go into work and have questions about newborns, toddlers, children and teens thrown at me on a regular basis. I have first time moms, second time moms and veteran moms call in to ask me questions about their sick or well child on the daily. I give advice, I listen to stories and I make plans in conjunction with parents on what to do for their child. With all of this “training” I thought for sure I’d be an all time pro when it was my turn. Well I’m not. And you never realize just how NOT an expert you are until you walk into a baby store to create your registry. 

This past week Briean and I went into Baby’s R’ Us to attempt to do ours. I thought this would be such a fun bonding time for us. Well, I say "attempted" because after about three steps into the store we quickly realized we were in over our heads. From the registry desk, to nipple shields, to the cribs- we were amateurs and we needed help bad. 

Yes, the checklist they give you at the front door is great. But let’s be honest once you begin to walk down those isles it's a whole different world! 

From this experience I learned whether in store or online, creating a baby registry for first time parents is hard and boy did we need a better game plan. So, for my next Baby’s R’ Us attempt I made sure to do it right. Here are my 5 tips to use BEFORE starting your registry: 

  1. Ask a friend. They say there is no better teacher in life than experience and boy is that true. What better way to get advice than from people who have actually gone through what your experiencing. I called up my gang of moms from fresh newborn moms, toddler moms and even school age moms and asked them what they absolutely loved, hated and things they could live without. That became my new checklist.
  2. Research. Remember in school before starting a paper you had to research your topic beforehand? Well this follows the same protocol. Before choosing your forever baby items it’s so important to do research. How many moms like this product? Does it fit your lifestyle? Is it actually safe? One of the easiest ways for me to do my research was reviews. You’d be surprised how much reviews become your friend when looking up items for your baby. This step can save you massive time and money. 
  3. Research isn’t everything. Now, just like your research paper not every piece of information makes the cut. Just because some moms love a certain stroller doesn’t mean it’s meant for you. Before going to the store I had a stroller I absolutely loved. I had done my research and read all the reviews and it seemed to be a bright spot with other moms. Well after going to the store and fiddling with it myself I quickly realized this stroller just would not work for me. I was happy I had the research beforehand but was equally happy I put in my own time with it as well.
  4. Give yourself time. A baby registry is definitely not the easiest thing to complete in a day. It takes time to research and decide on each item. It is much less stressful for me starting this list 2 months before my actual baby shower than say the week of. It gives me time to go over my list with a fine tooth comb as many times as I want before the final cuts are due. See there goes football creeping itself back into my lingo. 
  5. Making the cut. It’s important to remember not everything will make it to your list and that’s okay. There are some things that you won’t need until later. There are some things you’ll forget. And from what I hear, there are some things that you won’t even know you need until you need it. A registry is not a one and done thing. Once I was able to let go of the feeling of needing to include everything on my list all at once I was able to relax and enjoy the process.

The preparation for a first child is a ride of excitement and terror all at once. Learning as you go is just part of the fun. So what, my first registry trip didn’t turn out quite right. The second one was better and who knows by the third I may be a pro at this! I mean I have like a lifetime to figure this thing out right? 

See ya later! 
Aysia B.


Bump Season

OMG let’s all just take a moment of silence for the last few days of summer we have.  I mean yes, technically Fall officially started 3 days ago but holy heck has it been so warm here in Ohio the last few days it definitely still feels like summer.  I am a person who loves the fall season.  I mean who doesn’t?  Fall season like officially means: FOOTBALL.  Yes, the actual kickoff game doesn't signal football, the weather does haha.  The fall season is all things lovable: football games, halloween, thanksgiving, etc.  In short fall is great.  

One thing that I was so excited about this weekend was getting my bathing suit “bump picture”.  Now upon finding out I was pregnant I started following all these pregnancy and bump accounts on Instagram.  One of my favorite posts was seeing how everyone looked so cute in their bathing suits and their little bumps.  Unfortunately, it was the dead of the summer and I was only about 16-17 weeks at the time.  I had no bump yet and the sun was running out.  So with the weather being almost 90 this week, I was determined to put on a bathing suit and get my bump picture before I missed out. S/O to my friend Sara for letting me use her pool and amazing house as backdrop this weekend.  It was seriously the perfect weekend and it definitely came in clutch at the last minute.

Most families that get pregnant don’t plan for a season.  One could care less about making sure their pregnant in the summer or winter for the weather.  But in the NFL planning for a child is much different; it’s all about the season.  And by saying season I am not defining that by the temperature outside.  Yes, I am indeed talking about the football season.  Many NFL families plan their children around the season.  They make sure they attempt to start conceiving right towards the end of off-season, that baby spends time cooking during the season so when off-season rolls around again they can be ready for baby’s arrival.  When our friends in the league found out our due date they just kept saying “Oh an off season baby- trust me that’s the best”.  Even when you think you’ve found one area of your life football cannot control you quickly realize you are sadly mistaken.  

The planning of Baby BC was a little off.  I am indeed due the VERY. LAST. GAME. OF. THE. SEASON.  Oh yes, I know there are periods after every word there and its capitalized, I just want you guys to catch the seriousness of this one here.  I am due the very last game of the season which by the way… is an away game.  BRB while I go attempt to cry away my anxiety.  

Okay, I know I’m not the only pregnant woman who has this fear, but that does not make it any easier.  So for now, all I can do is have a plan, a back up plan, and a back up for that one just in case.  But hey, maybe in this dilemma they’ll let me bring Gunner in and he can be my support “person”.  

Any of my prego mamas out there had this fear or something similar?  How’d you deal with it? I’d love any tips to calm my racing mind. 

See ya soon!



Moving Day #2; It's a Marathon, not a Race

You ever felt so helpless? Yea that's me right now. When me & Briean moved into our tiny 1 bedroom off campus apartment 4 years ago we moved everything into that place ourselves. No movers, no teammates and no help of friends. Just him & I carrying futons, bed frames and IKEA packages up the flight of steps into the apartment door. When it came to putting things together again, just him & I. From the bed frame, to the tv stand, to the futon it was all put together in a fun takeout and music filled night. Now? If I carry in one box filled with socks I'm exhausted and need to put my feet up. We had to enlist of help from friends, old teammates and even movers this time to get the ball rolling. In short I feel like my body is failing me. What do you mean I can't move & do the same things I've always done? What do you mean my vulvar varicosities cannot handle lifting more than my legs? A nap after one hour of work? Okay let's be honest that was always present. But where's the Aysia with the endurance to put together multiple furniture pieces in one night?! 

And then I have to remind myself your body is definitely not failing you. It's actually doing quite the opposite. Your body is creating a miracle- the greatest one there is on this earth. Your body is doing what some can't, won't or don't do. One of the biggest things I've learned during this move is how to listen to my body than I've ever done before. When I feel the aches and pains I stop now instead of just pushing through. If I get the urge to take a nap, I do just that and then pick up where I left off after. Moving is definitely not a race and that applies even more so when your pregnant. 

So yes, take that break when you need it. Move one box every 30 minutes if you have to. Don't let the changes of your body discourage you. In fact, let it do quite the opposite. I mean anyone who can put together a whole house at 5.5 months pregnant I'd have to say is pretty awesome (if I do say so myself). 

See ya! 

Aysia B. 


5 Ways to Survive Your First Trimester

Okay so remember when I said I was cooking up something big and it was taking all my energy?  Well yea, baby bean has definitely been kicking my butt lately.  Not just me, but dad and even the dog too!  I mean how can a little seed have so much power?!

All moms hear about the dreadful first trimester.  Exhaustion, nausea, urinating all the time, moodiness, exhaustion, nausea, urinating all the time, (repeat x100).  Yea, remember that hamster wheel we talked about?  I think it’s called first trimester.  All these symptoms are at an all-time high continuously.  Oh sure, you get small breaks, for like 6 hours if you’re lucky, then you hop right back on that wheel.   Now don’t get me wrong I shouldn’t be complaining too much, my first trimester wasn’t as bad as some.  I know a girl at work who vomits non-stop- it’s a surprise she hasn’t vanished already! But just because my symptoms aren’t the worst, doesn’t mean they’re not still bad in themselves.

So here are some ways I personally dealt with my first trimester symptoms:

1. I let them eat me alive- THE END.  No seriously.  I know you thought this was going to be some long bulleted list of ways I managed the nausea and exhaustion and moodiness but truth be told I can’t tell you how to deal with them.  Everyone is different.  But one thing for sure two things for certain- the first trimester is difficult in its own way. 

What I will tell you in this post however, is ways to take care of YOU during this trimester.  I get it, you’re creating a life but that doesn’t mean you want to lose YOUR life in the process.

So here’s 5 easy ways to SURVIVE your first trimester:

1. Accept it and don’t feel bad.  This is your first trimester and your body is changing in many ways.  Your breasts are enlarging, there’s pain from that.  Your pelvic area is getting prepared to house a human for a few months, there’s pain from that.  “One of these heart beats wasn’t here before and where did it come from?’- your body will give you crap from that.  Changes are happening so yes, you will be tired, yes you will be nauseous and yes you will be moody.  Don’t apologize for it and let no one tell you, you should apologize for it.  Except maybe the target employee. It’s not his fault they don’t have chocolate covered strawberries in the middle of winter. I personally was so tired during my first few weeks I literally didn’t know if I could survive.  I slept all day and barely had time to shower.  I felt so worthless, then I realized what the- I AM CREATING LIFE.  I have nothing to apologize for.

2. Something must stay the same. With all of the changes going on inside your body make sure at least ONE thing stays the same.  In addition to football games, for me, that was getting my nails done.  Every two weeks I would literally pry myself out of bed, make sure I showered of course, and truck it to the nail salon.  It didn’t matter if afterwards I slept like I had just competed in an Olympic marathon.  What mattered most was making sure something stayed the same in this roller coaster of ups and downs.  And of course it was a plus that it pampered me.

3. Pamper you. Now it just so worked out for me that my “stay the same” item and pamper myself item went hand in hand but for some people it may not.  And if it doesn’t then make sure you do pamper yourself at least once every week.  Get your hair done, get a massage, heck shower.  Just make sure whatever you do makes you feel good.  You’d be surprised what that 40-60 minutes of pamper time can do for your self- esteem.

4. Read up!  As a nurse I tell the doctor’s all the time that my patient may follow your orders and accept them a little better if they understand what is going on.  Morning sickness?  Find out why you’re having morning sickness and what could be causing it.  Pain?  Find out why and when to freak out.  When I started getting cramps and pelvic pain I was sooo nervous.  All I could think about was something was wrong with my baby!  Then, once I read up and learned about “accommodation pain” that happens when my pelvis is trying to accommodate the anticipated changes, I was a little more accepting of the pain.  In the first trimester we are like 9th grade students just trying to figure out where is the class? Much of the anxiety and pressure during that first trimester is from being uneducated.  So do your mental a favor and educate yourself so those brain cells can worry about other things.

5. Embrace it.  No, not accept it; embrace it.  Embrace the fact that if you’re like me this is your first pregnancy.  You will never be able to go on this journey again.  Every step that Briean goes through with this NFL process I say to him “embrace this time and just live in the moment”.  I told him it about the draft, about the jags and I will continue to say it to him to this day.  Think about it, you’ll never experience what it’s like to create a child for the first time ever again. And no matter if this will be your first and only or one of many, no pregnancy is ever the same.  This journey you are on right now will never be like any other.  In the moments of annoyance, anger, sorrow and pain, embrace the fact that you are creating something that you will love for an eternity.  This is your baby.  You did this.  Your body made this (yes I know God and your significant other also helped- props to them).  So as much as you hate every minute, love every minute too. 

Pregnancy is a journey; sometimes one of those long, circling hamster wheel ones.  But the joy in this wheel is there is a beautiful bouncing prize once you get off.  

God's Greatest Push

Have you ever gotten a push from the universe?  I mean like one of those pushes you just look up and say okay God, I see you.  Yea, those are great.   When it happens, it’s like you’ve hit this point in your life where you’re like a hamster on a wheel.  You’re just spinning and spinning with no real destination in mind.  Well that has been my life lately.  I have my career, I have my car, my job, my dog- I had begun my wheel cycle.  Go to work at night, get home in the morning and sleep, wake up, play with Gunner, make dinner, eat dinner, and fit talking to loved ones in there somewhere, then back to sleep to get ready for work.  The whole time just spinning on that wheel.  Well God, I’m glad you pushed me.  Trust me; you and I both felt my life needed it. 

In those times when you know you’re on the wheel it doesn't always mean you’re completely lost.  You know that there’s something that comes after that wheel.  Heck you may even have an idea of what the step is to take, but your just not sure when or where to take it.  You contemplate and weigh out options- but never once do you dare leave that wheel.  That’s the safe zone.  But you know what they say about safe zones: great things never come from them.

This past year has had to be one of the craziest in my short 24 years of living.  From moving, to a new career, to a puppy, to heart break, to old love- there have just been so many changes.  There’s no wonder I’ve wanted to stay in my comfort zone!  I mean who could blame me?!  But God said no more.  And I don’t know about you, but I’m not one to question His decisions.  At least not all the time

No, I don’t know what exactly this push He has given me means quite yet.  But I can tell you one thing, I know it’s going to be the greatest gift I will ever receive.  And what better time to open gifts then the holiday season?