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hello! I’M AYSIA!
I am a 20 something year old daughter to two amazing parents, a sister to an all-star baseball player and a girlfriend to a hardworking ever-changing man. Family is huge in my life and they are the reason I am molded into what I am today.  I lived in Brooklyn, NY until I was packed up by my parents and moved to New Castle, DE.  I am a fun, spunky, self- assured, short (though at times I hate to admit it), new nurse!  I love to: read, write, hang outside and my all-time favorite play the SIMS.  

I would like to refer to myself as a lifestyle blogger and this here is my “Mind Baby”.  I write this blog to express myself and allow my thoughts to come alive.  I have always loved to write short stories, but now I am trying out blogging which is definitely something new to me.  Traveling between states and supporting my boyfriend is a big part of me but not the only part of me.  Leaning on a close friend and Pinterest I was able to create this work of art. And this blog is how I tell my story.  

The best way to read the blog is to start at the very first post and work your way forward (upward in this case).  If your new that means is scroll to the very bottom and keep hitting the next arrows.  Feel free to visit the contact page and shoot me a message if there is anything you’d like to see on the blog or just to say "hey girl hey"!  Subscribe to the blog to check out all the new and amazing things that may happen inside of my mind and life! Oh and definitely follow along on Instagram to see more pictures of the handsome Gunner because honestly who doesn't like puppy pictures?

Favorites to Date:
Food: baked ziti ; Heels or sneakers: jordans all the way! ;

Music: depends on mood but mostly rap;
Color: yellow and blue ; Run or lift: lift ;

Nursing Specialty: pediatrics ;
Sport: Football;
Post: Love You

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