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At the start of November I asked for reader blog requests on Instagram. I was pleasantly happy with the suggestions I received and figured these are pretty simple I can knock these out. Then I got to one that stumped me and made me wonder how to go about writing this post. 

Honesty hour: True life I love to be fit and to workout but HATE eating healthy. 

If I’m being honest, this was always something I struggled with. When I was younger I was so skinny that I in fact could eat whatever I wanted, workout a little (or not) and still never gain over 1lb a month. Clearly that is no longer possible. Curse you aging and having babies. Eating healthy is one of the major complaints I hear from young moms on the daily. 

I mean I get it:
  • you work late don’t have time to cook a healthy dinner
  • you’re going to school and can’t juggle homework, bedtime AND a healthy dinner
  • you have no clue where to even start with healthy dinners! 

Well let me tell you, you’re not alone. Almost all of those things I can relate to and is pretty much why my diet absolutely sucks. Well that and sweets is life. Healthy eating just seems like this far fetched idea that I’ll never attain. And what makes it worse? The holidays are coming up! 

Now I’m not going to say I’m going to start eating healthy because well that’d be a lie. Plus, stuffing is also life. But I will tell you that during the holidays instead of focusing on “losing weight”, “maintaining weight” or “healthy eating” I focus on control. Here are my top 3 tips for control during the holidays:

  1. Control your eating. Again not so focused on what you eat but how much you eat. We all like to pig out a little extra on Thanksgiving but that’s where control comes in. Limit yourself to just what you need and try to refrain from overindulging in any foods (pie included). 
  2. Control your exercise. Don’t stop being active just because family or friends are in for the holidays. Your workouts are an important meeting with a boss, you, don’t allow anyone to get in the way of that. Walk outside, up the stairs, indoor video workout, use the baby; whatever you do, stay active. A little goes a long way, especially during those fulfilling holiday months. 
  3. Control your habits. Eating habits, exercise, thinking habits, etc. Just because it is the holidays does not mean it is time to slack off with anything. Just as you would throughout the rest of the year remain in control. Don’t allow the standard of overindulgence creep into your activities. Stay on top of your self care and prioritize yourself in all things. 

Now as I said, I’m not an expert in healthy eating no matter how much I try. Okay I really don’t try because again, sweet juice is life. But I do know some pretty amazing bloggers who are! Here’s a link to a few of their posts below!

-Bustle: How to Stay Healthy over the Holidays According to Experts (this one’s overall health but it’s a good read!)

So tell me how are you staying healthy this holiday season? 

See ya! 

Aysia B.  

As you all know I love Fall. Not just because of my long list of things to do. Not because of my love for the change in myself. Or not even for for Halloween. But it’s the only time of the year I feel like EVERYTHING changes to match the season. There’s pumpkin flavor everywhere, cinnamon/ pumpkin smells everywhere, and the color scheme is simple beautiful. What’s not to love! 

When it comes to self care for Fall I love to add these scents in the mix as well. Did you know that pumpkin not only smell and tastes good but has health benefits too? Pumpkin is:

  • highly rich in Vitamin A (helps with eye sight)
  • rich in other vitamins (boosts immunity)
  • low in calorie count (can help with those seasonal diets!)
  • an high antioxidant that can help lower your risk for chronic diseases
  • packed with pulp (younger looking skin) and with beta carotene that helps fight wrinkles from the sun)

These health benefits are just an added bonus to me. I love pumpkin pie, smell, carving and basically anything! So when making my self care schedule for this season I definitely had to throw in some pumpkin in the mix. Here are my favorite self care activities for fall:

  1. Pumpkin flavored face masks This mask from Ulta smells AMAZING! And it leaves my skin feeling nice and smooth. 
  2. Yankee candle house warmer Within the last year candles have became my thang. I love lighting them throughout the day and having the scent fill the air. So when the season rolled around I definitely had to get a pumpkin scented one. 
  3. Walks in the park with all the fallen leaves. Falling leaves is one of my favorite parts of Fall. The scenery is absolutely beautiful and makes for the perfect photo ops! 
  4. Pumpkin scented hair masks. Again, smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling, smelling and looking great! Getting all the added benefits I’m getting for my skin on my hair! p.s look up DIY ones on Pinterest for some added fun with making your own!
  5. Pumpkin spice lattes. Okay if we’re being honest I haven’t tried this one yet, but from my mama Starbucks clan I’ve heard that these are the bomb dot com. So it’s definitely on my list before the end of this month! 

Making time for yourself in midst of the baby is so very important. For me it’s the only way I can stay afloat in all the chaos of motherhood. What better way to keep self care nice and fun than mirror it with the seasons. 

What’s your favorite Fall self care activity? 

See ya! 

Aysia B. 

The leaves have fallen, the trees are withering and the air is crisper. Okay not quite, but it did get a bit nippy this weekend. Aka first sign of fall in my book! I absolutely love Fall. Not only does it house my favorite holiday (YAY HALLOWEEN!),  but it’s the season for change! Oh and I love pumpkin pie! Yes, I’m a black girl that doesn’t like sweet potato pie, bite me. 

Since Fall is my favorite season I am so excited to share so many wonderful traditions with my baby boy. Being that he’s only a little tot right now some of these he either won’t remember or we’ll have to wait. So here’s my (future) Fall bucket list! 

  1. Pumpkin patch
  2. Apple picking
  3. Hay ride
  4. Halloween party
  5. Pumpkin carving
  6. Make apple cider from scratch
  7. Decorate the house for Halloween
  8. Eat lots of pumpkin pie
  9. Watch halloween movies
  10. Wear matching halloween costumes

Okay you guys know I have to make number 10 about mommy right? Haha. What are your little ones going to be for halloween? I’m so excited for our costumes!!  

See ya! 
Aysia B. 
p.s. I totally realized we missed our Summer bucket list, but trust, it was just as exciting as Spring and Fall. 

If you’ve been following me and Tater Tot for a while then you know his evolution of hair. If you haven’t let’s take a little walk down memory lane... 

Yea, so it’s safe to say my baby went from “full and lucious” to “bald and beautiful” to “we’re just happy we have hair” to “Amen there’s some growth!”. During this evolution we’ve tried our fair share of baby hair products. I figured if anyone knows anything about hair it’d be us right? Here’s a list of our hair care products over time:

  1. Aveeno Shampoo- Though this one left Tate’s hair feeling soft it caused the rest of his skin to break out and we had to discontinue use. 
  2. Shea Moistuer Raw Shea Chamomille and Argan- This entire combination (body wash and shampoo) smelt entirely too strong for my liking. After a few uses it also caused my baby’s skin to break out and had to be stopped. 
  3. Mustela- So, not only did my baby battle with baldness but he battled with cradlecap something fierce. I’m convinced that was part of the reason for all the hair loss. After multiple uses with this shampoo and the cradle cap remover comb, we were able to say bye bye to the cradle cap... and a few strands of hair as well. 
  4. Cetaphil- We love this product. I constantly get so many compliments on how soft Tate’s skin is and its all thanks to this body wash and shampoo combination. It also leaves his hair smelling nice and fresh! 

Styling Tools:
  1. Cradle cap remover- This was a godsend! As hard as it was, I couldn’t pick at it every day and that made it worse. So once I was gifted this little tool by a fellow mama let’s just say the game changed! I was able to use the soft bristles on the opposite side and a circular motion to massage the cradle cap out of his hair. 
  2. Baby brush- Me and my mom searched high and low for this bad boy. It seemed all the stores had some super high tech fancy brush and I just refused to spend over $3 on a soft bristled baby brush. Let’s just say a Cookie Monster one from the dollar store, did its job and more. 
  3. Mama’s hands- Even though my parents hate it and want me to slick down Tate’s hair so bad, his dad and I are feeling the curly look. So using my hands I pull all the curls upwards towards the middle to achieve his “curly fro”. 

Styling Solution (use another word)
  1. Johnson & Johnson’s baby oil- I used this for a while in the beginning. It reminded me of the typical baby smell and I loved it. However it wasn’t helping my baby’s curl pattern or growth.
  2. Water- All my natural mama’s know water is the key to life. Wetting his brush before his current styling oil helps give his hair the base it needs for styling. 
  3. Shea Moisture Raw Coconut Oil- I love this stuff! This is our current styling product and I even use it on myself now. After being suggested this product by a fellow mama, I brought and tried this product and started seeing results right away. It wasn’t only lighter in weight than other products we tried but it also helped my baby’s hair grow drastically. 

Styling Tate’s hair is one of my easiest tasks in the morning. A little water, a little brush, a little oil and "wah- lah", he’s good to go. Finding the right combination of products was essential for this easy routine. I’d love to know if you’ve tried any of these products and how they’ve worked  for you! 

See ya! 

Aysia B. 

I’ve always loved fall. The crisp weather, pumpkin flavoring and leaves changing made for amazing photo ops as well as the perfect outfit combos. What I spent less time paying attention to, was how much me and Fall had in common. They say becoming a mother changes you. For me I was not only changing physically but I was going through one of the most trying times emotionally as well. I was also taking an extended maternity leave and using that time to focus on my blog. I made new friends, lost old ones. Got new threads, lost old ones. In a season of so much change it’s sometimes so hard to still feel like you. 

I think a lot of times us as individuals resist change so much because instead of looking at the glass half full, we look at it as half empty. Now those close to me will tell you, I’m definitely not one to preach on this topic. I am a pessimist at heart and my glass is almost always nearly done. But since having Tate I realized I had to shift my thinking. I mean it’s bad enough I was negative he couldn’t be too! But even more so, that was motherhood. There would always be changes and shifts to the day. From mid- day outfit changes (sometimes for mom and baby) to random public nursing sessions there was rarely a day that went 100% according to script. Now I could look at these changes as disappointments and focus on what it caused me to miss, or I could focus on the cute photo op that presented itself with the mid-day clothes switch. Can you say two days worth of Insta photos knocked out in one day? 

Just like leaves falling from the trees, it’s best in motherhood to just let things fall and flow. This “go with the flow” change doesn’t have to necessarily mean it’s not me, it’s just helping define a new me. 

  • A me that like the leaves on the trees, I no longer cringes at the sight of change but yet understands its need for survival.
  • A me that like pumpkin is for fall, I am known for my ability to be optimistic.
  • A me that like football and cold weather, I adapt to any climate or challenges that motherhood brings while always maintaining my A game. 

Just as fall comes around every year so does winter, summer and spring. Each one of these seasons bringing new changes and favorites. And though things may sometimes look empty and bare remember, sometimes the best memories are made in the chaos. 

What’s your favorite season?! 

See ya!

Aysia B.
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