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If you’ve been following me and Tater Tot for a while then you know his evolution of hair. If you haven’t let’s take a little walk down memory lane... 

Yea, so it’s safe to say my baby went from “full and lucious” to “bald and beautiful” to “we’re just happy we have hair” to “Amen there’s some growth!”. During this evolution we’ve tried our fair share of baby hair products. I figured if anyone knows anything about hair it’d be us right? Here’s a list of our hair care products over time:

  1. Aveeno Shampoo- Though this one left Tate’s hair feeling soft it caused the rest of his skin to break out and we had to discontinue use. 
  2. Shea Moistuer Raw Shea Chamomille and Argan- This entire combination (body wash and shampoo) smelt entirely too strong for my liking. After a few uses it also caused my baby’s skin to break out and had to be stopped. 
  3. Mustela- So, not only did my baby battle with baldness but he battled with cradlecap something fierce. I’m convinced that was part of the reason for all the hair loss. After multiple uses with this shampoo and the cradle cap remover comb, we were able to say bye bye to the cradle cap... and a few strands of hair as well. 
  4. Cetaphil- We love this product. I constantly get so many compliments on how soft Tate’s skin is and its all thanks to this body wash and shampoo combination. It also leaves his hair smelling nice and fresh! 

Styling Tools:
  1. Cradle cap remover- This was a godsend! As hard as it was, I couldn’t pick at it every day and that made it worse. So once I was gifted this little tool by a fellow mama let’s just say the game changed! I was able to use the soft bristles on the opposite side and a circular motion to massage the cradle cap out of his hair. 
  2. Baby brush- Me and my mom searched high and low for this bad boy. It seemed all the stores had some super high tech fancy brush and I just refused to spend over $3 on a soft bristled baby brush. Let’s just say a Cookie Monster one from the dollar store, did its job and more. 
  3. Mama’s hands- Even though my parents hate it and want me to slick down Tate’s hair so bad, his dad and I are feeling the curly look. So using my hands I pull all the curls upwards towards the middle to achieve his “curly fro”. 

Styling Solution (use another word)
  1. Johnson & Johnson’s baby oil- I used this for a while in the beginning. It reminded me of the typical baby smell and I loved it. However it wasn’t helping my baby’s curl pattern or growth.
  2. Water- All my natural mama’s know water is the key to life. Wetting his brush before his current styling oil helps give his hair the base it needs for styling. 
  3. Shea Moisture Raw Coconut Oil- I love this stuff! This is our current styling product and I even use it on myself now. After being suggested this product by a fellow mama, I brought and tried this product and started seeing results right away. It wasn’t only lighter in weight than other products we tried but it also helped my baby’s hair grow drastically. 

Styling Tate’s hair is one of my easiest tasks in the morning. A little water, a little brush, a little oil and "wah- lah", he’s good to go. Finding the right combination of products was essential for this easy routine. I’d love to know if you’ve tried any of these products and how they’ve worked  for you! 

See ya! 

Aysia B. 

I’ve always loved fall. The crisp weather, pumpkin flavoring and leaves changing made for amazing photo ops as well as the perfect outfit combos. What I spent less time paying attention to, was how much me and Fall had in common. They say becoming a mother changes you. For me I was not only changing physically but I was going through one of the most trying times emotionally as well. I was also taking an extended maternity leave and using that time to focus on my blog. I made new friends, lost old ones. Got new threads, lost old ones. In a season of so much change it’s sometimes so hard to still feel like you. 

I think a lot of times us as individuals resist change so much because instead of looking at the glass half full, we look at it as half empty. Now those close to me will tell you, I’m definitely not one to preach on this topic. I am a pessimist at heart and my glass is almost always nearly done. But since having Tate I realized I had to shift my thinking. I mean it’s bad enough I was negative he couldn’t be too! But even more so, that was motherhood. There would always be changes and shifts to the day. From mid- day outfit changes (sometimes for mom and baby) to random public nursing sessions there was rarely a day that went 100% according to script. Now I could look at these changes as disappointments and focus on what it caused me to miss, or I could focus on the cute photo op that presented itself with the mid-day clothes switch. Can you say two days worth of Insta photos knocked out in one day? 

Just like leaves falling from the trees, it’s best in motherhood to just let things fall and flow. This “go with the flow” change doesn’t have to necessarily mean it’s not me, it’s just helping define a new me. 

  • A me that like the leaves on the trees, I no longer cringes at the sight of change but yet understands its need for survival.
  • A me that like pumpkin is for fall, I am known for my ability to be optimistic.
  • A me that like football and cold weather, I adapt to any climate or challenges that motherhood brings while always maintaining my A game. 

Just as fall comes around every year so does winter, summer and spring. Each one of these seasons bringing new changes and favorites. And though things may sometimes look empty and bare remember, sometimes the best memories are made in the chaos. 

What’s your favorite season?! 

See ya!

Aysia B.

The Working Mom Who Is Always Out Of Time & Never On Time

You had a rough day at home, your child decides this is the day they listen to nothing that you say, their room looks like a natural disaster just hit and they come home with tons of homework that you have no clue how to do. Then you have to go to work and deal with your annoying co-worker who complains all day every day. You find yourself putting more time into work than being a mother. One school night you forgot to help your child with homework, so now you’re a bad mom. You called out of work twice last week because your child is ill, so now you’re a bad employee. Welcome to my world! 

Do you struggle to find that balance between your work life and mom life? If you are anything like me, you’re always whining because it just seems as though there is not enough time in one day. How do we deal as mothers? How do we still make it work? Well I don’t know about you but the idea of adding more time to a day is not the answer. I will however, take an extra day or two between Saturday and Sunday!

Work-Life Balance and Planning For The Working Mom

You are responsible for your tribe at home and you are the glue to keeping everything together at work. 

Limit Your Distractions and Time Wasters to help you focus on all the things that matter most - your family and your future. Here's a bit of my story that got me wanting to switch up my routine and balance out my life. 

My Who 
I had my first and only son at the very young age of 16, year 2007. I knew nothing about having a baby. I knew nothing about being a mother. I was the most unprepared person I’ve ever met who just had a baby of her own. At the age of 16, clearly I had not figured out my life yet – not even a thought. It was just me and this little human who cried from time to time.  

My Then
I waited 6 weeks after birth before I went back to work. I wanted to make sure I was physically and mentally ready. Goody’s Clothing Store was my first job after having my baby. I worked as a cashier, working 2 or 3 times a week. Keep in mind I was still in high-school so at this point in my life I was forced to multi-task. This is when I quickly learned moms really do have super powers. Fast-forward a few years, somehow I managed to work, graduate high school and raise a child. With help from my amazing parents and my brother. 

My Today
I would like to consider myself a hard worker. For me working comes natural because I like to feel productive. I start my day of by saying “Today will be a productive day”. I’m so determined and passionate with all that I do. From being a mother to going to work, I make the days count. One of my favorite songs right now is Sam Smith – “One Day At A Time” - on repeat. 

I’m a mother first, so for me that is top priority. My son’s education, future and well-being are extremely important. I participate in his school functions; he is involved in many extra-curriculum activities (which I have to drive him to) It’s also my job to make sure he stays on top of all of his school work. At the same time I make sure we do fun activities together. Luckily where I live In Georgia there is always a fun educational event going on.  

In my current position I work as a full-time medical biller. My job can be very demanding an overwhelming. I feel like a private investigator most days. But I love what I do, wouldn’t trade it for the world! My days can be long and nights even longer. I start the day off right, but doing this secret trick- making sure everything is ready the night before. Sounds so simple and it works if you are consistent! This eliminates so much morning stress and allows the rest of your entire day to run smooth. Here are some of my other working tips:

Working Mom Advice: 7 Things That Will Get Any Working Mom Through

1. If not already working, find jobs with good work-life balance – When job searching look for “Companies with the best work-life balance”.

2. Enjoy Your Paid Time Off – You Earned It

3. Plan On Sundays, look at your week as a whole – how much time is spent with your child(ren) vs your work-life. 

4. Start a back to work podcast for moms - There are many more mothers out there that would love to hear from you, encourage and be encouraged! Stay connected. 

5. Have a positive mindset – You are your biggest cheerleader, you can do all things. You just have to start by believing it. See Positive mindset quotes, to get you through the day. 

6. Understand your roles and responsibilities at work, and excel. Always look for an opportunity to grow. 

7. Ask for help when needed - Swallow that pill called pride. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, whether it’s financial support that you need, or a trusted baby-sitter or even a tutor for extra homework help. When my son was in elementary school one day I researched “math tutor’s near me” – I was shocked by the amount of results it retuned. We were able to locate a tutor who came to my home and did his magic! 

Trust me it can be very difficult when prioritizing these two parts of life. But at the end of the day your motivation and that smile on the baby’s faces keep you going. You know you and your tribe deserve the best out of life so you live each and every day to make that happen. 

Hi everyone!  I'm Cheri! Thanks everyone for reading. It was such a pleasure writing this post. Hopefully I was able to provide you with useful information! For more great post come visit me at Not Just a Pretty Face. If you can't find me there you can find me on the beach!  

Have you ever felt like you were alone in this mommin’ thing? Like when you were pregnant there was no one else that peed their pants a little when they laughed? Or how about after you became a mom and felt like you were the only one who accidentally went 10 hours without changing your baby’s diaper because you were running errands? Probably when your child’s 8 and you forgot their dance recital until the last minute? All these moments in time can make us think that nobody else on the planet experiences the same stresses or struggles that we do. But in reality, all moms have them, you just have to find the ones willing to openly talk about it. 

This past weekend Tate and I were invited to do a Instagram takeover at The Prego Expo in Philadelphia. First let me start off by saying this event was truly amazing. They say when you see a need for something do it! Well Juliana and Samantha definitely did just that. With their multiple expositions across the country they serve pregnant moms by helping them get prepared for baby’s arrival. And the amount of goodies they give out are insane! One woman won an entire stroller and car seat bundle. Talk about getting set for the big items! But what stuck out to me most weren’t the gifts or the vendors but more importantly the unity and cohesiveness among the women (and even dads!).

All the attendees from current moms, pregnant moms, dad’s and vendors were open and honest. Just in hearing conversations passing by I could hear them sharing horror stories, happy stories and even embarrassing ones. While bonding over products they were able to share their own opinions and life experiences in such a raw state. 

It got me thinking how many places do we actually have like this? Both when I was pregnant and shortly after I had Tate, I felt like I had to do everything, had to be super woman. And when I wasn’t able to do so I felt inadequate. But these weren’t feelings I’d share, instead I’d bottle them up. Because I mean you don’t hear superwoman constantly talking about her problems. But in reality I didn’t have to be superwoman. Honestly, I didn’t have to even come close.

It’s not accepting defeat or failure, but instead accepting my limits and listening to both my body and my emotions. Sometimes us mamas are too hard on ourselves. Getting around a community of similar individuals with similar stories resets the bar for us. It reminds us to be sensitive to ourselves. We truly don’t deserve the harsh punishment we put ourselves through. So the next time you feel you’re alone, you’re not. Just hit up a mommy event, feed or show. And you’ll feel right at home; flaws and all. 

Do you have a place like this? Where do you find your tribe? If your looking for one, come join my Pinterest Community: Moms Who Care

See ya! 
Aysia B. 
No one talks about just how hard it is to name a baby. I mean this kid comes out with a clean slate and the name you tag on them can either set them up for success or failure right off the bat. Okay, that’s a little melodramatic, but a name holds some serious weight. It is what teachers, friends, classmates, co-workers, bosses and more will call them for the rest of their lives. So when you do choose a name, you want to make sure you choose wisely. 

Would you believe me when I tell you Tate’s name was picked out before we even knew he was a boy? When it came to naming our baby there was no debate. We had 2 solid first and middle names (one for boy and for girl) that were set in stone. Growing up our entire lives each having to correct teachers for mispronouncing our names, we knew we wanted something unique but easy on the eyes as well. 

Being a nurse working in a children’s clinic there were constantly names being thrown around. You had the usuals: John, Ashley, Joseph, Brittany, etc. And you had the not so usuals as well. But every now and then you heard a name and it just kind of stuck out. That was how Tate was for me. Once I heard the name I knew it would be my child’s. It was both unique, easy to spell and straight to the point. Plus it kinda sounds presidential don’t you think? 

Once we had our names chosen, they of course had to go through a few tests. Here’s my top 5 tips I used in picking my baby’s name: 

  1. Meaning. What does this name mean? Soon after deciding on Tate’s name I ran it through the google search engine. I mean the last thing you want is to name your child something that means butthead. Tate, an english baby name meaning cheerful or joy. That checked number one right off my list. 
  2. Initials. What will the initials read? This was a tip I read on The Baby Center that I had never thought of! Imagine naming your baby Ashley Susan Smith, A.S.S. Ashley if you’re out there, I’m sorry hun you’re probably a really sweet girl and not at all what your initials say you are. T. J. B. Another check in my book! 
  3. Common. How many people have this name? With both me and Briean having such unique names, our child’s name was destined to come with some originality. I knew right away I wanted my child’s name to be something that when people heard it they had that two second pause because it wasn’t something they heard every day. After working in the pediatrics for 3.5 years and baby sitting many many years before that I had only heard one Tate. Check, check, check. 
  4. Nicknames. How can I make this a nickname? Okay, okay, if you‘ve checked out my Insta lately then you know my all-time favorite thing to call Tate is Tater tot. I am a nickname person. I love to give nicknames and to have my own special thing to call a person. The second I realized “Tater-Tot” was an option for Tate, the deal was sealed! 
  5. Love. Do I love this name, judgement and all? When picking Tate’s name I never thought of anyone else’s opinion. I didn’t care if people thought it was too short, weird or was more tied to a certain race. I LOVED the name. I knew that after we announced the name no matter what backlash people said, at the end of the day I would still want that name and that was all that mattered. 

With everything else going on during pregnancy it’s easy to sweat the small stuff. But picking a baby name should be a joyful experience, so don’t let it stress you out! Have some fun with it. Play a guessing games with close friends, have a name release party or even keep it to yourself like a secret between you and your small family. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to use the tips above. The last thing you want is to have your baby looking like an Ashley Susan Smith. 

See ya! 
Aysia B. 

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