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As parents we all fear that dreaded moment when our kids get sick. No matter how much hand sanitizer, wipes or other prevention methods we may try the inevitable always happens. Well in my household it was beginning to look like it happened just a little more.

Use as directed.  Interested in checking out this product? Hover over the image above to head to Walgreens and shop!

From the time Tate was about 3-8 months old it felt like he caught a cold every 5 days. Runny nose, stuffy nose, cough, fever, chills; the list felt endless on the symptoms he experienced. What was worse than the symptoms was the way it affected his sleep. I mean y’all know, my baby don’t sleep- PERIOD. But with a cold, the every 2 hour stretches quickly can turn to 30 minutes stretches in a heartbeat. Talk about one tired mama. In times like this it’s so important to have a trusty retailer to turn to, and Walgreens has been that for us countless times.

Tate’s first true sickness hit me hard. Even with being a nurse, when it came to my child I was a wreck. Relying on a trusted family physician I texted and called countless times asking multiple questions. Her top advice was to turn to the #1 Pediatrician trusted brand, TYLENOL®. She reminded me that the dye free liquid suspension was the best thing to keep on hand during this time.

Being that I tend to have the worst luck ever, on the second night of fevers we ran out of medicine around 12am.  Thanks to Walgreens 24 hour promise to be there when you need them, I was able to pop right on over and grab more before his last dose was out of his system. All without missing a beat.  Being that Walgreens is the only retailer to sell all 7 flavors, of TYLENOL® I had plenty of choices to choose from.  What was even better was the way the staff paid attention to not only me but to Tate as well during our entire visit. The staff was attentive and assisted to my needs all while being timely and precise.  And, now through 12/15 with your Walgreens card, you can purchase TYLENOL® Children's or Infant Pain & Fever Relief products for $6.99 (.5 oz, 4 oz. and 24 ct.).

In addition to TYLENOL® some of our other favorite items to keep on hand are:
- tissues
- thermometer
- bulb nasal aspirator
- lots of cuddles

Okay, so the last one is more for me but hey, I'm sure it's high on this little Tot's list too.  Lately I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed against any illnesses especially since winter has fully hit. But if any cold does arise, I know which retailer I will be turning to.  Head to Walgreens today for your amazing in store experience and be sure to get in on that great deal on TYLENOL®!

See ya!
Aysia B.

Please use as directed.
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This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser.  All opinions are mine alone. #UnbeatableComfort #KeepLifeRolling #CollectiveBias

It’s finally holiday time and that means one thing: Christmas tree and decorations. I feel like there’s always one major debate each year:

To tree or not to tree, that is the question. 

Are you a before December or after December decorator?

Whichever you are, it’s OFFICALLY time to decorate!

Last year this time Tater tot was inside my belly (sheds a mama tear!) and unaware of all the excitement of the holidays. But this holiday, he is partaking in all of the fun like assisting in hanging up the tree, looking at holiday lights, and my favorite: in home holiday decor.

I’ve always been one of those people that loves to decorate the entire house for each holiday, and yes that includes small ones like St Patty’s and Valentine's day. Since getting into my own home I love to take it a step further and add unique touches. So getting in touch with my handy side, DIY has taken a grab at my heart and I’ve been trying to find more ways to incorporate it in the holiday decor. Once I found this amazingly cute toilet roll holder I knew I had to recreate it using my favorite brand of Scott® Comfort Plus tissue.  

Growing up we have always used Scott Extra Soft but Comfort Plus is the new and improved version of this!  One of the reasons this brand is my favorite is because compared to it's competitor Angel soft (vs. Angel Soft® Double Roll) Scott ComfortPlus is 5 in 1- soft, strong, thick, absorbent, and clog-free!

Starting out:

I ran out to some local stores and grabbed some tools needed for this project. As stated before, I had to get my toilet tissue to seal the deal.  I know all about Scott Comfort Plus's #Unbeatablecomfort and just had to add it to the list! Currently there’s even a circular offer for Scott® ComfortPlus™ Toilet Paper 12 CT Big Roll at $4.00 at Family Dollar (Regular retail price is $5) from 12/4 - 12/10. 

After grabbing my toilet tissue and the rest of my supplies it was time to get started.

- Wood slabs (sized to your preference)
- Paint Brush
- Paint
- Wood glue
- Scott Toilet Tissue (p.s did you know the new Comfort Plus is the only bath tissue designed to care for you with everyday comfort?! Plus with it's thick and plush sheets for a trusted, comforting clean I knew this had to be the tissue on hand to try out my first DIY project with)
- Holiday scented candle


First it is important to have a finished product idea either in your head or on paper to reference along the way to be sure you’re always on task. Secondly I like to lay out my tools to have a clear view of everything I have versus everything I might need. Then it’s time to get messy.

Painting your wood slabs first makes it easier to avoid blank spaces or paint mixing later on. Deciding on a color scheme was simple for me since it was the holidays and red is one of my favorite colors for the holiday season.

After painting I allowed a few hours for the paint to dry then begin piecing things together. Being that this was my first time sizing my wood pieces it a bit difficult as I was unsure the way the rolls would fit in the sleeve. However with Scott and their 3x stronger sheets that are still built for unbeatable comfort, it was easy to trust the sturdiness of the roll.

Using the wood glue, I fixed my top circle cut wood piece to the longer shaped piece and allowed 5 minutes for it to dry.

Then came the fun part: decorating! Grabbing pieces I had around the house, I spruced up the holder and made it a staple piece for my bathroom for years to come.

Are you interested in learning other ways to use Scott toilet paper to #keepliferolling? Check out the hashtag on Instagram and find all the ways Scott is being tested for strength but keeping its design for comfort. Also stop by your local Family Dollar and be sure to pick up the new Scott Comfort Plus toilet paper on sale now, I promise you you're bum will thank you later!

See ya!
Aysia B.


Yay it’s time for Christmas! That’s what everyone thinks soon as the turkey comes out of the oven right? At least in my household it is. It’s time for hanging Christmas decorations, putting up the tree and my favorite, holiday music! What a time to be alive! 

During the holidays it can be fairly easy to spend time with your little ones. You have the extra time off work so nothing but love and cuddles to go around! But what about when it’s not the holiday and you want to enjoy that same type of QT? 

Last post I touched on my number one way I’m spending time with my little guy.  In this 21st century, cellular gadgets have taken away pretty much everything including undivided attention and time. I even mentioned my stellar giveaway! Using my Jord watch, I’m taking back my time and giving it to my little Tater tot. I mean look at that face, doesn’t he deserve it? 

Stopping electronics isn’t the only way I’m spending more time with this little guy.

Here’s 4 other ways I’m focusing my time with my baby:

  1. Get out the house. I don’t know about you, but when I’m cooped up in the house it’s fairly easy to turn on the tv or a different electronic and put my focus into that. But once I’m out and about the attention turns outward and notices all the beauty outside or in a certain activity. Don’t forget to wear your Cassia to be sure to fully disconnect from electronics while you’re out! 
  2. Kid focused games. Giving your little one a toy and telling them to go play with it is easy. They’ll occupy themselves sure, but then you’re without an activity and it’s easy to go off and do something else instead of giving that undivided attention to your child. Playing a game like patty cake, peek-a-boo, matching, etc is a sure way to keep your attention focused on your child. 

  3. Learn a new skill. No better time to focus then when you’re learning something new! Maybe learning to ride a bike, write your name, or in my case practicing feeding yourself Cheerios. It’s always so fun to see your child learn a new skill and what better way to bond then while you’re teaching it to them! 
  4. Include them in household activities. I know we’ve talked about electronics a lot but that’s not the only way us parents get distracted. We are goal oriented individuals. When we wake up in the morning, just like Santa, we’re getting our list and checking it twice. From dishes to laundry there is a ton of things to get done around the house. With all those things to do it’s so easy to shift our focus from the kids. But if you allow them to “help” that’s one way to squeeze in that extra time. For example, when I’m folding clothes Tate loves to hand me the clothes out of the basket. Sometimes a little earlier than I get done folding the previous piece but hey, free help is better than no help, am I right? 

The holidays is only a small snippet of the year and our babies deserve our maximum attention daily. Yes things like work, school and home life are important but so are the moments with them. Like the saying goes, “the days are long but the years are short”. You’d hate to miss out on it because your focus was somewhere else. 

What are you going to do with your babe today? 

See ya! 
Aysia B. 

As parents it constantly feels like our list is never ending. We wake up each day with a schedule in mind. Feed the kids, bathe the kids, wash the dishes, do the laundry; and don’t even add in the pets. Let’s just say we all know the list can go on and on. 

But how often do we pause and just live in the moment? 

For me, one of the major ways I’m remembering to live in the moment with my little man is pausing electronics. The new feature on the iPhone has a “screen time” monitor that basically allows you to set limits on your phone for how much you’re allowed to be on it. But what about when you put the phone down and you’re still connected? Now with smart watches, it makes it even harder to disconnect without constantly being reminded with alerts. I had to get something that could replace my apple watch for those exact moments and my Jord watch did not disappoint. 

As a mama it’s hard to find a piece that’s functional yet also stylish. My Cassia watch is unique in that it does both! The sleek wood frame allows it to be worn with multiple outfits (even those weekend mom wears). The large watch face allows you to see the time even with a little one in your arms. Can you say mom win?

If your little one is anything like mine, all this extra attention will cause them to be right in your arms. For moms and for dad’s, this is a biggie. This watch is light weight and I barely feel it sometimes. This makes it perfect when I’m juggling not only my little one but bags and toys too. 

My favorite part of this watch? It can be engraved! I took this opportunity to add my favorite scripture giving me another reminder to be present and in the moment. But you can add anything you want even your little ones name! How sweet would that be!! 

As much as I'm sure you came here to hear about how to spend more focused time with your little one, what you really came here for was the goodies. Partnering with Jord, we're giving away $100 credit towards your own watch!

Just in time for the holidays, this watch is every parent's dream. Affordable, stylish, functional and lightweight. Even Tot thinks it’s a watch to remember. Giveaway ends December 2nd (12/2). So which mama are you gifting this too? 

See ya! 
Aysia B.

This post was sponsored by JORD Watches,
who compensated me for my honest opinion about their product. 

All opinions are my own.

Wooden Wrist Watch
At the start of November I asked for reader blog requests on Instagram. I was pleasantly happy with the suggestions I received and figured these are pretty simple I can knock these out. Then I got to one that stumped me and made me wonder how to go about writing this post. 

Honesty hour: True life I love to be fit and to workout but HATE eating healthy. 

If I’m being honest, this was always something I struggled with. When I was younger I was so skinny that I in fact could eat whatever I wanted, workout a little (or not) and still never gain over 1lb a month. Clearly that is no longer possible. Curse you aging and having babies. Eating healthy is one of the major complaints I hear from young moms on the daily. 

I mean I get it:
  • you work late don’t have time to cook a healthy dinner
  • you’re going to school and can’t juggle homework, bedtime AND a healthy dinner
  • you have no clue where to even start with healthy dinners! 

Well let me tell you, you’re not alone. Almost all of those things I can relate to and is pretty much why my diet absolutely sucks. Well that and sweets is life. Healthy eating just seems like this far fetched idea that I’ll never attain. And what makes it worse? The holidays are coming up! 

Now I’m not going to say I’m going to start eating healthy because well that’d be a lie. Plus, stuffing is also life. But I will tell you that during the holidays instead of focusing on “losing weight”, “maintaining weight” or “healthy eating” I focus on control. Here are my top 3 tips for control during the holidays:

  1. Control your eating. Again not so focused on what you eat but how much you eat. We all like to pig out a little extra on Thanksgiving but that’s where control comes in. Limit yourself to just what you need and try to refrain from overindulging in any foods (pie included). 
  2. Control your exercise. Don’t stop being active just because family or friends are in for the holidays. Your workouts are an important meeting with a boss, you, don’t allow anyone to get in the way of that. Walk outside, up the stairs, indoor video workout, use the baby; whatever you do, stay active. A little goes a long way, especially during those fulfilling holiday months. 
  3. Control your habits. Eating habits, exercise, thinking habits, etc. Just because it is the holidays does not mean it is time to slack off with anything. Just as you would throughout the rest of the year remain in control. Don’t allow the standard of overindulgence creep into your activities. Stay on top of your self care and prioritize yourself in all things. 

Now as I said, I’m not an expert in healthy eating no matter how much I try. Okay I really don’t try because again, sweet juice is life. But I do know some pretty amazing bloggers who are! Here’s a link to a few of their posts below!

-Bustle: How to Stay Healthy over the Holidays According to Experts (this one’s overall health but it’s a good read!)

So tell me how are you staying healthy this holiday season? 

See ya! 

Aysia B.  

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