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I started off this year so strong I was absolutely sure there was no way I’d start treading any slower, but boy was I wrong. Seriously I need a study on this. Why does it always happen every year!!?!

I plan out this amazing New Year. I have plans and have so much ambition to go behind with action and then January comes and goes and all I am left with is anxiety and stress! 

I think in part it is due to the pressure we are put under by these “new year” resolutions. Everyone around the globe has made big plans. Some of which they have begun to execute and post on social media. Thus giving those of us who have barely even lifted a finger this anxiety to get going! Now some people it’s a plus, it works as a bunsen burner where the fire under their butt chases them to get moving and start their elaborate plans for the year. Others, like me, feel the complete opposite. This need to complete my goals gives me a feeling I absolutely hate. STAGNATION. That’s the only word I can use to describe it. No matter how many little things I did like enroll Tate in a new swim class, move my entire life to a new state and in a new house, start a new job; I still feel this feeling of being stagnant. This emotion causes me so much anxiety and makes me just want to crawl into a ball and just say forget all my plans and goals and just go with the flow of life. 

As I was going through this process I reached out to my best friend and she said she felt the same way! This feeling of “her life being out of control”. She stated the only way she knows how to combat this is with lists. She writes down all the things she needs to get done for the week or the month and crosses them off one by one. 

The idea was great! I was ready to sit down and start my list right away! But as I sat down to write I realized I felt the anxiety creeping right back up! Then I remembered just because a plan works for some people doesn’t mean it works for others. 

I know you’ve seen all those posts on IG about timing. And it’s absolutely true. Watching others and trying to race them to the finish line is just not where it’s at. Take the tortoise and the hare for example. They did not take the same path nor were they going the same speed. The hare took a break along the road and because of his speed and his ability he felt he could do that. The tortoise knew he had to keep pushing the entire race or he’d never come close to winning. Stick to your plan and focus on your race.  One other tip of advice?

Take a moment and 


That advice can help regardless of what path you’re on. 

Breath and remember your journey. 
Breathe and remember your purpose. 
And most importantly breathe and be present. 

As I always say, you’ll never be in this moment right here again. And once you get your household, business or life up and running you’ll be wishing for these slow moments again. 

See ya! 

Aysia B. 

What’s your favorite way to calm your anxiety in the midst of chaos?
As a mom you’re lucky if you can get 5 free minutes to yourself let alone an hour. Between all the pulling, picking, prodding and digging both our mind and bodies take on a daily basis it’s a shock how we even function by the end of the night.

Many moms use this as an excuse for the reason they can’t get in self care. Whether a good or bad excuse, lack of time should not be used when it comes to self care. Self care is not always a luxurious bath with bath bombs or a 2 hour massage, though trust me I wouldn’t complain if I could get that in every day, but self care is rather just what it says; a moment to care for one’s self.

“If I cannot do great things I can do small things in a great way”. 

This quote is not only amazingly fit for the day, but also for self care. If you absolutely cannot get that 2 hour massage in today it does not mean throw the whole self care away for the day. It means find other small ways to incorporate it throughout the day. Here’s my list of 9 simple ways to add self care in your busy day:

1. Listen to your favorite song in traffic
2. Take a trip to Target alone
3. Get dressed (not tights or yoga pants)
4. Unwind 5 minutes in the car before going in the house
5. Establish a boundary to use the bathroom alone (had to throw this in there lol)
6. Take 3 extra minutes in the shower to just be present
7. Do your hair
8. Lay in bed an extra 5 minutes before starting your day
9. Pause and truly see yourself every time you see a mirror

Some of these may not seem like self care activities but do them for just one day and feel the shift in your emotions. Self care is more than just physical feel goods. Targeting that emotional side targets self care just as much. So tell me, what did you do today for your emotional self care?

See ya!
Aysia B.

It officially happened. No matter how much I pushed, pulled and ran, Tate still turned one. Eventually I will figure out how to stop time, but until then I guess this little Tot will just keep growing. And if he is, then I have to get my party planning skills in order. 

Let’s admit it, we all have the grand idea planning this immaculate party for our child. Guest list perfected, decorations to the “t”, birthday outfit for both you and baby on fleek; but if you’re like me, reality sets in and you realize the party is 4 weeks away and you haven’t done diddly squat. Like not even sent out invitations! 

Let me give you a little background. I am a procrastinator. Always have been and always will be. Nursing school? Catch me up at 3am studying for tests. Packing my hospital bag? You guessed it, a week out. Time for vacation? My bags are definitely packed the night before. No matter the occasion just expect me to be last minute. I call it my way of ensuring “perfection”. 

So when it came to Tate’s birthday party, expect nothing less than my “perfection method”. Now remember that high hopes thing? I definitely thought I would be that mom with everything planned in advance. But all of a sudden I looked up and it was time. But guess what? You’re girl still got it done! And it was pretty good if I say so myself. 

There were moments of pure bliss while planning this party and there were moments of pure chaos. So here’s my do’s and dont’s for my fellow last minute mamas:

  • Wait to get your location. This was the ONE area I was proactive with and I am so thankful for that. With all the kiddos in the world places fill up quickly and I did not want to be left without a place to have my last minute plans come to life. 
  • Wait on your cake. Again with the filling up. If you’re getting a cake from a traditional grocery store or bakery feel free to take your time. Up until a few hours before you can grab a cake from your local BJ and slap the birthday kid’s name on it. But if you’re looking for a gourmet personalized cake you’re definitely going to want to get on it. I contacted my baker weeks in advance and then again about a week out from my party to finalize the cake details to ensure his cake came out perfect. And of course it did, she’s amazing. 
  • Wait on the birthday kid’s outfit. Please take this advice, I learned this the hard way. Tate’s birthday theme was “Bearly One” and I wanted one of the boy’s Polo shirts with the teddy bear on it. I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off the day before the party and was completely unsuccessful. I found ONE hoodie that was two sizes too big and did not stay on during the party. But hey at least his shoes had teddy bears, right? 

  • Stop and enjoy the moment. Whether last minute or in advance planning a first birthday party is a big deal. And like I always say, you’ll never be at this period of your life again with this child. Take a second and enjoy the moment. This was big for me. I felt Tate’s first year went so fast. I tried my hardest to take the moment in and not stress.
  • Figure out your theme in advance. This makes every other aspect of planning easier. And allows you to purchase supplies last minute. Since I knew Paddington Bear was my theme it made it easier to Etsy, Pinterest and dollar store a lot of the decorations and party supplies at the last minute. 
  • Accept help. Don’t try to be supermom and do it all by yourself, especially when you’re last minute. Allowing help from family members relieved some stress on my part. 

Regardless if you start the planning process for your little one’s birthday early or late, it brings about the same emotions. Your baby is growing up! And for some parents this is easy and for some this is hard. But when it comes to party planning it doesn’t have to be, even if you’re a late starter like me. You can totally take your time and still get everything you want. Take it from me! 

See ya,

Aysia B. 

p.s. s/o to Dmose for our pictures and Vicky for our cake!

Oh good ol’ New Years. No matter how long the year is it still feels like this creeps up on me every time. The abundance of “new year new me” posts, the resolutions, the announcements, business challenges, etc etc. I’ve never been a “new year new me” kind of girl and I definitely don’t plan on starting this year. However I can say it’s definitely been a year of change and I am in fact a different me. 

This is definitely not going to be one of those posts so don’t worry, I wouldn’t do that to you guys. But I do feel like a recap of this year is so necessary. Not only has this year taught me about my strength as a mother, it’s taught me about my strength as a woman. From new challenges, new romances and new finances it’s definitely been a year to juggle. 

One of my favorite things I discovered this new year was affirmations. Let me tell y’all, this saved my life. Okay not literally, but it’s up there pretty high on my list of favorites for this past year. So instead of doing a new year’s resolution post I decided to give you my favorite affirmations from last year that I’m taking into the new year. 

You are strong. 
I literally start with this one every time. Because as women I don’t think we realize just how true this statement holds. We have so much power regardless of how much the world tries to take it away. In 2018 I faced one of the biggest trials of my life. So many emotions came with it from betrayal, loneliness, emptiness, tiredness, abandonment, lack of support and more. But no matter what the situation around me was I had a baby boy that was depending on me. And it was the first time in my life that I took that statement “when you become a mom it’s not about you” to heart. It wasn’t about me. And at only 3 weeks old my baby boy deserved to look into a face that wasn’t always crying or depressed. There is literally no other word to define the past 12 months of my life besides strength. 

You deserve the best. 
Another true statement that I think we choose to ignore. Sometimes the vision gets a little cloudy on what’s truly “best”. Whether it be comfortability, laziness, unsureness; there are so many reasons we settle and forgo striving for it. After my last year I will no longer forget. I know I deserve the best. And whatever it comes to: relationships, friendships, business ventures, etc. I refuse to settle ever again. 

You are not forgotten. 
One we all seem to think. We look around social media and see all our friends getting engagements, promotions and more and think: what about me? We think somehow the blessing that’s been put on our life just must have passed us by. But no matter how delayed it will never in fact pass us by. The saying “what’s meant for you will be for you” has become another one of my fan favorites. I learned quickly this year what’s not meant for you will not be for you. No matter how good you are, how loyal you are, how qualified you are; if God says no, it’s a no. But if God says yes? No matter what your current situation looks like, claim it because its already yours. 

You are thankful. 
It wasn’t until the end of this year that I started to become truly thankful for all that it had brought me. I knew every heart break or set back I had was necessary for me to be the woman sitting here writing this now. I am beyond thankful for every moment of 2018. Because without that struggle this “new me” wouldn’t even exist. And trust me, it was all so needed. 

You can expect more. 
This one slightly ties into one above but it’s still such a good one. Once we go through the struggles and come out through the storm we then think “yes this is great. I am happy”. But by doing so we are shorting ourselves. After this year I’ve changed my mindset from “this is good” to “but wait! there’s more”. Am I happy for all that I have now? Oh trust, you wouldn’t even believe me if I told you just how happy. But that doesn’t stop there. I know that it’s okay for me to expect more. From the people around me to myself. We always need a goal to strive towards. 

Complacency is an act of the devil. So yea, I guess in a way it is “new year new me”. 2018 has been a worldwind of a year. To think I started off this past year blogging about something a little different in a completely different state and situation.  But this different me is so ready for all it has in store. I mean hey so far it’s been working out pretty darn good. 

See ya! 
Aysia B.

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As parents we all fear that dreaded moment when our kids get sick. No matter how much hand sanitizer, wipes or other prevention methods we may try the inevitable always happens. Well in my household it was beginning to look like it happened just a little more.

Use as directed.  Interested in checking out this product? Hover over the image above to head to Walgreens and shop!

From the time Tate was about 3-8 months old it felt like he caught a cold every 5 days. Runny nose, stuffy nose, cough, fever, chills; the list felt endless on the symptoms he experienced. What was worse than the symptoms was the way it affected his sleep. I mean y’all know, my baby don’t sleep- PERIOD. But with a cold, the every 2 hour stretches quickly can turn to 30 minutes stretches in a heartbeat. Talk about one tired mama. In times like this it’s so important to have a trusty retailer to turn to, and Walgreens has been that for us countless times.

Tate’s first true sickness hit me hard. Even with being a nurse, when it came to my child I was a wreck. Relying on a trusted family physician I texted and called countless times asking multiple questions. Her top advice was to turn to the #1 Pediatrician trusted brand, TYLENOL®. She reminded me that the dye free liquid suspension was the best thing to keep on hand during this time.

Being that I tend to have the worst luck ever, on the second night of fevers we ran out of medicine around 12am.  Thanks to Walgreens 24 hour promise to be there when you need them, I was able to pop right on over and grab more before his last dose was out of his system. All without missing a beat.  Being that Walgreens is the only retailer to sell all 7 flavors, of TYLENOL® I had plenty of choices to choose from.  What was even better was the way the staff paid attention to not only me but to Tate as well during our entire visit. The staff was attentive and assisted to my needs all while being timely and precise.  And, now through 12/15 with your Walgreens card, you can purchase TYLENOL® Children's or Infant Pain & Fever Relief products for $6.99 (.5 oz, 4 oz. and 24 ct.).

In addition to TYLENOL® some of our other favorite items to keep on hand are:
- tissues
- thermometer
- bulb nasal aspirator
- lots of cuddles

Okay, so the last one is more for me but hey, I'm sure it's high on this little Tot's list too.  Lately I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed against any illnesses especially since winter has fully hit. But if any cold does arise, I know which retailer I will be turning to.  Head to Walgreens today for your amazing in store experience and be sure to get in on that great deal on TYLENOL®!

See ya!
Aysia B.

Please use as directed.
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